Friday, October 2, 2015

Connect with GotPrint & Get Social

Just propped up in our front pickup office where customers pick up their promotional materials and orders: a banner and postcards showcasing all the social media sites GotPrint is active on.

We would love for you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, or any other site you're active on. Tag us, send us a photo of your cards, give us your feedback, or simply drop in to just say hello. And from time to time, we offer GotPrint promotional coupons and coupon codes, as well as hold contests and promotions on our social media sites.

So go ahead and take a postcard while you wait for your order, scan the QR code on the back, and connect with us on social media!

GotPrint Social Media for Promotions and Coupons

GotPrint Social Media Sites and QR Codes

Monday, September 28, 2015

Trifecta Bright Orange?

Our 24 pt. Trifecta Green paper stock has been very popular among our customers, but of course, there's those of you who wish the middle color better matched your branding. From blues to reds to blacks and golds, we've heard different requests, but we haven't had many requests for a bright orange. Recently, we came across these lovely cards from Danielle (@sillytarantula) - just check out that color!

GotPrint Trifecta Green cards painted orange
Danielle Marciniak is a tattoo artist with an illustration/art background, so she really knows a thing or two about aesthetics and presentation. She creates detailed and colorful images, and her business cards are a representation of the work she can produce. Just one card gives her potential customers an idea of her style and capability as an artist. That's one reason why business cards are so powerful and crucial for those first impressions.

But back to Danielle. What else would a tattoo artist do, than paint the edges of our Trifecta Green cards, a bright orange to match her branding and images? We're not surprised to find our customers getting creative and handy with paint and tools, in order to create their perfect, customized promotional materials. After all, we see it all the time.

Danielle explained how this all came about:

"Edge-painted business cards have been becoming popular in the con circuits, and I absolutely love the look of them. Not going to lie, I'm very thrifty when I need to be, and considering I am an artist, figured that I could find a way to create edge-painted cards on my own. The first step was finding thick enough card stock. I've seen some favorable reviews of GotPrint on the AANI facebook forum, and when I saw the very reasonable price of the trifecta, I decided to start my experiment. When I received the cards, I took a stack of cards that measured about 2 inches thick in between clamps. I mixed the color orange I wanted from acrylic paint and carefully brushed the colors on the side. I picked orange because it is my favorite color! And plus I felt it worked well with the colors on the card. It's a nice vibrant color that creates a little pop. "

Although we don't offer orange just yet, we plan to provide other colors in the future. It's our goal to ensure you stand out and your branding is as strong and effective as can be. So sign up to our email list, and stay connected with us on social media, for all the latest news and announcements to ensure you're in the know!

GotPrint Trifecta Cards

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why You #LoveGotPrint

We always want to know why our customers choose us for their print needs. We know we offer quality products at great, cost-effective prices, but it's always interesting and nice to see if there's other reasons as well.

So we recently held a small promotion on our social media sites. To qualify, our customers or followers were asked to tweet a short and sweet message about why they #LoveGotPrint. We were rather pleased with the heartfelt responses ranging from our selection of products, to our customer service, to the quality of products. So thank you to all of you who participated!

Michele (our winner):  I #lovegotprint for all my printing needs! So easy to re-order, amazing selection, and quality products!

Eric: High quality cards with great pricing. Love the Trifecta! Better than MOO! #LoveGotPrint

Sandra: Quality. Price. #ilovegotprint

Jenny: Great customer service, quality and price! #LoveGotPrint

Allison: The broker program has been a lifesaver! #LoveGotPrint

@smileytechguy:  I #LoveGotPrint because of their unmatchable speed and customer service.

@cjquiroz: The website is my favorite! So easy to use...Simple, and so much awesome stuff to choose from. I always recommend you guys to my friends and family. I've been ordering from here for years! Always my go to place for my marketing needs. 

@shocksoundg: The rates and service are way ahead of the rest. Keep up the good work.

@che_voo: What's not to love?! Everything you guys do is amazing!! Your prices, printing quality and turnaround time is amazing always!

@blacklabeldecor: Becasue the pricing and quality cannot be beat @gotprint!! 

@hellionphotography: Fantastic customer service and great prices! Awesome instant quotes too. I just received my sample pack so I can order a bunch of new postcards for a big event and new business cards!

@jrudesigns: You've got the best pricing!!! And that's more money in my pocket :)

@atomedibles: Quality. Price. #lovegotprint