Monday, October 6, 2014

Introducing Trifecta - Our NEW Triple-Layered Paper!

GotPrint Trifecta Triple-Layered Paper

Here at GotPrint, we've always been passionate about great paper. You know, the type you "ooh" and "ahh" at, and the type you want to touch and smell. The paper you don't want to give away, or throw away, because it's simply too pretty.

So it isn't quite a shock to us that our next big thing is our new paper, 24pt Trifecta Green - Triple-Layered Ultimate.

Indeed we believe Trifecta is that paper.

It's thick and durable, for one. Triple the layers, it all adds up to an impressive 24 point thickness. Not to mention, the great green seam of color in the middle and the silky finish on the surface. Whichever angle you look at it, it's simply stunning.

And the best part of all is, that at such incredible prices, you actually can give it away. From business cards to postcards, to promotional items like bookmarks, club flyers, collectors cards and rack cards, it's sure to make a big impression, wherever you go, all without that expensive price tag.

So get started ordering, and be sure to let us know what you think. (We think you'll like it.)

Friday, October 3, 2014

How do you thank your customers?

GotPrint Thank You Greeting Cards

The holiday season is generally when we think of sending out those thank you cards, gifts and promotions. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and the holiday season in December with all of its various festivities, thanking your customers is crucial in ensuring you stay top of mind.

There's strict competition out there and customers are likely to go to your competitor if they feel they are not getting much value from their loyalty. It is said that an act of kindness can create a whole cycle of kind acts. Well, it can even lead to customer loyalty to your brand!

We gathered some creative ideas from our customers, as well as some tips of our own, on how you can show your appreciation, and switch things up a bit, and delightfully surprise them with a special thank you.

Patrick Connell: Providing top-notch customer service is always the best way to thank your customers and show them appreciation. On top of that, reminding them that they're on your mind is important and this is easily done by wishing them a Happy Birthday each year with some type of coupon on a product or service you offer via a marketing piece; or in my case, the yearly anniversary of the day they moved into their new home.

Fifty Shades of Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness: Sending them Starbucks mochas at 9am on a Monday morning.

House of Hades Boutique: I like to add little "presents" in some of the packages I send out - candy, little pieces of fun jewelry, seasonal treats and thank you notes!

Mike & Sandi Nelson Real Estate: We order postcards from GotPrint and send them out to our client database as part of our give-a-way campaigns once a month! Our customers have won gift cards, gotten free pies for Thanksgiving, and one lucky customer even won an iPad mini last holiday season.

Judith Montan: Thank you notes with a coupon code for the next purchase plus a small gift for free.

But thanking your customers doesn't always necessarily entail sending a free gift. After all, times can be tough for some businesses, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't show your gratitude. How about sending them thank you greeting cards (we have them in almost any size!) to celebrate the season and thank them for their loyalty? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best of GotPrint Twitter Feed

At any given time, if you take a look at our Twitter feed, you'll see some very happy customers post pictures of their products, with a few words about how excited they are about their brand new business cards. Sometimes, we'll have a very enthusiastic bunch, reach out to us to simply let us know they can't wait to see their product.

And of course, we're always happy to answer their questions on exactly when they'll be ready, knowing that waiting just one more day can be hard when you're expecting a product that is vital in representing your brand, a product that identifies you and the work you do.

We can always count on our customers to offer insightful comments about their designs and the thought behind their products, which is why we took to some of our top recent product Twit pics and decided to share what their respective owners had to say about them.

"The idea behind the business card for Box Press Radio was to present directions to the website with a similar design to create a more cohesive experience. The cards really achieved that and GotPrint did a fantastic job producing exactly what was requested. They turned out beautifully and have been very helpful in growing our brand."

-Dan Barnes, from Box Press Radio

GotPrint Box Press Radio Business Cards

"I designed the postcard with a discount code to include with samples of Hell Scent Aromatherapy (, to hand out at events and to include in product shipping boxes. Hell Scent Aromatherapy is my new line of room & body sprays, I launched in June. I am a massage therapist with a busy studio in Orlando - Bodyscape Massage Therapy, and I had used GotPrint in the past for business cards and promo postcards. I’ve always been very happy with the quality and price of the products and printing.

Developing Hell Scent Sprays has been a lot of fun, the response I’ve gotten to the blend names and devil-kitty logo has been great. I needed a way to convey the fun of the brand quickly and easy with something to hand out with the web address & a discount code. I’ve handed them out at events and people have used the matte cards to spray and test the scents, which wasn’t something I planned but it works great. It was good to have the option of color on one side and B&W on the other for my simple design."

-Holly Lynn, from Hell Scent Aromatherapy

GotPrint Hell Scent Aromatherapy White Postcards

"I redesigned my book blog, Read Now Sleep Later, for our 5th anniversary, and decided I needed a new business card and bookmark, too. I often want to take notes on whatever I have stuck inside my book, so I chose matte paper for ease of scribbling and even provided some lines. I squeezed all of my contact info onto one card so I wouldn't have to make separate ones for the blog, our grassroots literacy group, and (planned) podcast. GotPrint did a great job and were quick to rectify a shipping snafu."

-Alethea Allarey, from Read Now Sleep Later 

GotPrint Read Now Sleep Later White Bookmarks and Business Cards

"I believe a business card has to make a strong statement to impact marketing efforts and create a positive impression as it represents your brand. From the creative design and unique shape to the top-notch quality of the card stock, these hotshot cards have Boss Meetings all over them."

-Tia Ross, from Boss Meetings & Events

GotPrint Boss Meetings Black and White Business Cards fanned on table

If you're interesting in having your product photo featured, or simply have a story to tell, send us an email at, or leave a comment below.