Friday, August 21, 2015

How Do You Pass Along Your Cards?

GotPrint business cards for networking

Everyone has their own way of promoting themselves. Some are more forward, and others, take a more relaxed approach. In any case, regardless of your style or preferred method, it's crucial to remember there are some best practices and business card etiquette to keep in mind.

No matter how forward you are, we all probably know that it's probably best not to just hand out your business card to anyone you meet or passes within one foot of you. Surprisingly, we still see this happen all the time. Instead of forcing your card onto passersby, it's important to leave a good impression, so be sure to first introduce yourself, and if relevant, hand the individual your card and ask for his or hers. It's proper etiquette to also show an interest in the other person.

The power of a referral should never be overlooked. It's always a good idea to hand your cards out to individuals who you think may pass along your info to others as referrals. If you have a peer, close friend, or business that you partner with or are a vendor of, be sure to keep a stack of theirs, and request they keep a stack of yours. It's mutually beneficial if you help businesses and vendors, as they are more than likely to pass along your name.

Quite often we hand our business cards out to people we've just met, or we ask someone for theirs. It's great: we've made a potential connection, networked, made a friend or possibly met someone we may partner with in the near future. But, then we forget to follow up. So what was the point of taking their card in the first place? It's important to follow up, either immediately or at least within the week, to ensure you establish a connection.

As always, it's not just a number game. It's about establishing quality relationships and partnerships, and ensuring you make a good impression. A highly qualified lead is much better than dozens of possible leads that may or may not be interested in you. Be sure to cultivate relationships to ensure you're remembered.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cards For All Your Needs

Gotprint invitations, business cards and greeting cards
Over the years, we've seen countless cards in our facilities. Small cards, large cards, folded cards, die-cut cards, professional cards, creative cards.

It's safe to say, we've seen it all. We are always rather pleased to see customers being not only practical, but getting creative and designing cards to meet a variety of different purposes, from promotional to personal needs.

Postcards are still the most popular and cost-effective promotional tool for businesses and marketers. A set of postcards is not only affordable, but they're easy to design, making them popular among businesses of all industries, even those small businesses that don't have access to a designer. With our free online designers, you can quickly create a simple, but catchy design online, and order in no time at all.

Postcards are also ideal for direct mail marketing, and a great way to increase your ROI. Whereas online advertising can be costly, postcards are a must for businesses who really want to grow their business by attracting leads and sales.

But it's not always about business. When it comes to personal needs, postcards make great save the dates and invitations to baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, and more. Not only is this a very cost-effective way to invite your guests, it's also more modern and simple.

But sometimes we're just more traditional, and what says tradition better than a greeting card? Tent cards are ideal when you want to say thank you, happy holidays, or send a personal invitation. You can personalize your greeting card or invitation with a thoughtful message and send to customers, colleagues, and friends, to ensure your name is remembered.

 GotPrint special shaped cards, postcards

Alas, the staple promotional product: business cards. They're perfect for networking and for getting your name out there. Even if you'll be inserting your contacts into your iPhone, being caught without a card doesn't make a great impression in a professional setting. Besides, what if your iPhone battery runs out?

And in case you need cards cut to a unique shape, whether they be large or small, special shapes are a great way to stand out and get noticed. We offer shapes from square to leaf, to oval shapes and more.

Small, folded tent cards are a no-brainer for appointment cards because they meet many different needs. Offer your contact details on one side, a promotion and note section on the inside, and pencil in an appointment on the small calendar on the back. Your customers will have everything they need, in a small, foldable card that takes just as much room as a standard business card. Talk about being maximizing on space!

Small, folded tent cards can also be used as place settings. Whether it's one sided or folded with a note inside for the guest, we all love to be invited to a pre-selected seat at a fancy table with our name on it!

With a little bit of creativity and access to a variety of customization options, such as different sizes and shapes such as what we offer on, you can cater high-quality promotional printing on cards to your business and personal needs. Tell us, what are some of the creative ways you use cards?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

From Video to Viral

Videos are a great way to capture your current customers as well as new customers, because a good, clever video really can go viral, very quickly. Ever remember the "Charlie Bit My Finger" video, or ever seen the sassy Virgin Atlantic Safety Video? They went viral, and fast. All it needed was some humor, creativity, and a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.

With videos, you get to share sights, sounds as well as humor and personality, all at the same time. In just a few minutes, you can give your customers or potential customers a great understanding of what you are all about. In Virgin Atlantic's case, safety precautions were explained in the form of a fun and sassy musical, to show how young and hip the airline company is.

Not to say other mediums, like blog posts and images are not important. Each medium is crucial to have, rather, and a good range of all types of mediums really gives you a wider reach, as there will be customers that like to watch videos more than read, or visa versa.

Think about this - your customers all probably vary. Most likely, you have customers from different age groups, industries and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each one has his or her own way of communication method preferred, some are very active on Facebook, on mobile, while others really just want a person to speak with on the phone. Yet, others find videos to be very informative and a quick way to access a great deal of info easily, and it's so easy to share as well!

We've created a range of different videos, from videos featuring tours of our facility, to videos capturing the the benefits of our services and of course, the various components that make GotPrint work as a business. Our customers have appreciated getting an insider's peek with behind-the-scenes footage and details about our printing process, to see what really goes into the making of their prints.

It's not always easy to produce a video, so we recommend you get some assistance on shooting the video itself. But sometimes, all you need to get started is a great idea and lots of enthusiasm. Check out some of our videos below for inspiration!