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5 Shocking Print Ad Stats You Must See [FREE Report]

Digital channels have been getting all the raves in the past few years. More companies are allocating their marketing budget towards digital channels leaving a huge opportunity to expand their brand reach using traditional marketing avenues. This eye-opening report will shed the light on some impressive statistics that will make you re-evaluate your print marketing […]

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GotPrint Drupa 2016

Drupa 2016 “The Olympics of Print”

Welcome to Drupa 2016, the International Trade Show held in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is known as the “The Olympics of Print” as the convention takes place once every 4 years, bringing together all the leaders in the print industry. (I’ve already submitted my request to attend the next event! Fingers crossed!) Each year the Drupa convention presents all things […]

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GotPrint 15th Year Party

Happy 15th, GP!

Sunday was GotPrint’s 15 year anniversary year, and we’re so excited to be able to announce that our business is 15 years strong! As most of you already know, we’re a family-owned business, which means, family is a big part of our business. So what better way to celebrate all of our accomplishments than with […]

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