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Featuring Chelsea Voorhees

As part of our regular customer feature, we select a GotPrint customer (or a few), one whose talent and work really stands out. And considering we have so many talented customers, you can imagine, it’s not always easy choosing one! Whether it be great designs, creative marketing strategies, or just an interesting or unique business […]

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Photographer’s Cards

Our fourth most visited post on our blog is one featuring photographer’s cards, which tells us a lot about what our customers are interested in and looking for. Recently, we’ve seen a great deal of photographer’s business cards and postcards pop up on our social media pages. Our social media world is buzzing about print […]

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The Season of Color

Autumn – the season of spectacular hues and saturated shades. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park or driving past the endless rows of colorful trees, it’s hard to not notice the beauty of the season (even in southern California!). We’re inspired by the color transition of the leaves amidst a dark, colored sky. […]

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