What’s CapLens™ and Why Do You Need It?

As we follow CDC guidelines revolving around COVID-19, as well as the state mandates that have been implemented as a result, we’ve come to terms that the new normal is protecting both ourselves and others by wearing face coverings. You’ve probably seen people wearing face shields on top of their masks, the ones that are worn with bands around the forehead. Although we haven’t tested those out for ourselves, we can’t imagine those would be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Good news! GotPrint has a practical alternative you can use to cover your mouth, nose, and eyes without compromising comfort — it’s called CapLens™!

What exactly is CapLens™?

CapLens is a protective face shield that attaches to any standard cap or visor without causing any damage. This product effortlessly slips onto most caps and provides easier breathing & functionality and is roomy enough to allow the wear of both glasses and a face mask. The shield material is made of a 0.5 mm high-density PE plastic that has anti-fog technology, giving you a crystal-clear view of what’s in front of you. As most glasses wearers can attest, the fogginess that occurs on the lenses of your glasses while wearing a mask is no doubt a nuisance to deal with. What’s even better is that the PE plastic is durable, meaning the shield can be sanitized and reused.  

When and where can you use it?

The CapLens is a great tool to utilize in multiple situations – whether you’re at work in a shared environment, or just running errands on-the-go. Here are just some of the occasions in which this face shield will come in handy.

Restaurants and retail stores 

This applies to mom and pop/casual restaurants and stores that have a more relaxed dress code for their employees. The CapLens is perfect for those who have to constantly come in close contact with customers, whether it’s taking their order or handing them their items. 

In the office

If your office has a relaxed dress code and a casual work culture overall, it’s probably safe to say that you’re allowed to wear a hat to work. If you’re back in the office at this time, you’re most likely required to wear a mask or face covering throughout the day. With CapLens, you can feel more at ease while you work at your desk among other colleagues.

Personal use – on the go! 

Running errands? Headed to the grocery store? Visiting the beach? Having a small gathering in your backyard? The CapLens can be helpful in any of these situations, and then some. Basically, any place that you can wear a hat, you can also wear a protective face shield (without the bulk!).


Going for a run outdoors is sometimes difficult when you have to wear a mask. The CapLens is a great alternative to a mask in this case because you can very clearly see where you’re going and what’s in front of you, while you lower the chances of germs spreading to other people and vice versa. As you work out, you won’t feel like you’re being slowed down or limited by a mask. 


As public events, such as concerts and sports games, start back up again, it’s inevitable that you’ll be coming in contact with large crowds of people, even with social distancing guidelines. Pair this protective face shield with a hat of your favorite sports team or band, and you’ll feel more at ease while you return to enjoying your favorite activities.

Assembling the CapLens

You can’t help but wonder how long you’ll be needing this level of protection, which is why it’s important to have an option that isn’t bulky or uncomfortable. Can you think of other instances where the CapLens would come in handy? Let us know in the comments below!

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