Create Your Own Postcards with GP’s Design Templates

Back in the day, postcards were invented in order to provide a simple way of communication via mail. They have since evolved and in the present day, are versatile print products that will always be essential, both in business and personal affairs. For example, postcard mailers remain a popular and cost-effective method of marketing for various businesses, and printed wedding invitations don’t look like they’re going out of style any time soon, despite the fact that there are digital invites at our disposal. Business owners are even getting creative with postcards and using them unconventionally as backing display cards for items like jewelry and other accessories. It’s important that whatever the scenario, your postcard designs stand out and make a statement. We know the importance of this, which is why we have a huge gallery collection of postcard templates that you can use to your advantage.

Our design templates are customizable, so you can modify anything to your liking, from text to background color, and even upload your own elements, such as photos or logos, for further customization. In this blog, we share the top 15 categories of Postcard design templates on (in no particular order). 

Real Estate (Just Listed)

Browse all Real Estate (Just Listed) Postcards

 Modern Wedding Invitations

Browse all Modern Wedding Invitations

RSVP Cards

Browse all RSVP Cards

Sale/Discount/Special Offer

Browse all Sale/Discount/Special Offer Postcards

Jewelry Backing Display Cards

Browse all Jewelry Backing Display Cards


Browse all Political Postcards

Christmas Cards

Browse all Christmas Cards

Automotive Repair & Mechanic

Browse all Automotive Repair & Mechanic Postcards


Browse all General/Popular Postcards


Browse all Hospitality Postcards


Browse all Landscaping/Gardening Postcards

Publishing/Advertising Agency

Browse all Publishing/Advertising Agency Postcards


Browse all Takeout/Delivery Postcards


Browse all Optometrist Postcards

Financial Advisor

Browse all Financial Advisor Postcards

Didn’t find a template you’re interested in? Keep browsing our gallery – you’ll be surprised by all the different categories and subcategories we have to offer. Whether you’re looking to print a promotional mailer or an event invitation, you’ll find a design template that’s professional, modern, and eye-catching, all at once. All you’ll need to do is include your own information, and that’s it! It’s that simple.

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