GotPrint Drupa 2016

Drupa 2016 “The Olympics of Print”

Welcome to Drupa 2016, the International Trade Show held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It is known as the “The Olympics of Print” as the convention takes place once every 4 years, bringing together all the leaders in the print industry. (I’ve already submitted my request to attend the next event! Fingers crossed!)

Each year the Drupa convention presents all things in the print world, from new printing technology such as 3-D printing, to the latest in paper and packaging. This year we sent over managers, supervisors, IT and more to explore all the convention had to offer, which was quite a lot! They had a great time learning about what’s new in the printing world and how it can be applied to GotPrint.

Some of the seminars and informational sessions included:

  1. Multichannel Publishing and Marketing Solutions
  2. Web to Media & E-Commerce
  3. Process Optimization and Automation
  4. Added Value in Print
  5. Innovations in Printing Technologies
  6. Business Models

All in all, this event allows us to bring our customers the best of the best quality products, paper and so much more.

Check out some of the pictures our staff took while abroad!

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 1

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 14

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 8

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 5

Handmade paper!

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 15

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 4

Yummy authentic Braadworst!

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 3

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 12

GotPrint - Drupa 2016 13

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