Transfer Your Account to Our New Website for 15% Off!

Have you heard? GotPrint has a brand NEW (& greatly improved) website at! It’s been a lot of work in the making, but it’s finally launched. The new website has been revamped with a more modern look, but it’s not just aesthetics! It boasts numerous new features, a more user friendly ordering system, new products such as the 35 pt. Trifecta Black (triple-layered paper), & much more.But we know that anything new may be a bit frightening. After all, you’ve been using our current website at, and perhaps, you’re used to how it works. But not only is our new website more intuitive and easier to use, we’re also offering a promotion just for those who transfer their accounts now, to give you a little more incentive to make the transition sooner than later. We’re so sure you’ll be pleased with our new website, that we simply can’t wait for all of our customers to make the transition now.

If you transfer your account now, you can use the code GPNEWSITE on our new website, to take 15% off your order. Simply use the coupon code at checkout for any print product, excluding mailing/design and marketing services. If you act now, you’ll be able to save for the holidays, as this offer is only valid for a limited time only (until December 26th). Since this coupon will only work on our new website for retail customers, you have to transfer your account in order to be able to take advantage of this offer.

Transfer your account to get 15% off!

You may transfer your account now by logging in and following a few short steps. You’ll simply type in your current username and password, click “Migrate” and fill in your account information and billing and shipping info. Once you submit, your account will instantly be transferred to Transferring your account is easy, and will only take a few minutes.

We’re excited to hear what you think about our new website, so be sure to also leave us a comment with your feedback. And if you haven’t done so already, watch our video below, to see some of the new features of our website.

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