(Art)Work That Speaks for Itself

We always love to see beautifully designed business cards, postcards and other print material come our way. And with such a talented customer base (honest!), we’re pleased to share some of our favorites with the rest of you, be it to help promote our customers’ work, or for your inspiration at your most uninspired moments, or to simply pass along the sense of awe we feel when we see some really impressive work.
Below are a few postcards and business cards featuring illustrations that caught our eye.
promotional postcard mailer printed by GotPrint
Attractive, well-drawn characters, detailed shading, and brilliant use of color is Shari Warren’s technique for achieving illustrations that simply pop out.
illustrator or artist promotional postcard mailer printed by GotPrint
Daniel Fishel’s (note: not to be confused with Danielle Fishel) work is conceptual, unique, and has a retro quality to it. We may not fully understand it, but we like it!
illustrator promotional mailer postcard printed by GotPrint
How can you not notice and be impressed with Cameron K. Lewis’ detailed illustrations? He makes his work the focus of all his promotional materials, with just a few lines of pertinent contact information underneath his images.
illustrator or artist business cards printed at GotPrint

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