Brochures—Get Your Name Out There!

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Brochures are probably one of the most utilized marketing tools for companies. You may recall that every time you stepped into an office, walked by a sales person, or went to pick up your takeout at your favorite local restaurant, you saw a brochure somewhere, somehow, even if it was just a blur, and all you were thinking about at the moment was to rush home before your Szechuan chicken got cold.

Whether you’re a big corporation, a small business, a nonprofit organization, or even a freelancer, brochures are an absolute must. They’re traditional marketing pieces, but the truth of the matter is, some of the most successful companies still use brochures as one of their most cost-effective and efficient marketing tools.

If done well, brochures are a great means to getting your name, logo, and information out there all in one. One thing to remember with any marketing tool is the first goal is always to attract viewers’ interest. Using catchy headings and unique and interesting images on your brochure is a sure step to meeting that goal.

Brochures are great for advertising services, products, and facts about the company, so be sure to provide the benefits of your company/service, as well as factual information about your company’s success rate, for example. And don’t forget to include the different ways potential customer may find you—website, store location, telephone number, and any other form of contact information.

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