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Ever looked at a good-looking business card or postcard, and cared to learn more about that person or business? We certainly have, and this time around, our curiosity started its course with Michelle McCreary, who designed these beautiful postcards below.

GotPrint promotional postcards ontop of a wooden table

Michelle’s company is called VintageRemade, and she creates bags and purses from upcycled materials. The idea behind these cards was to create a concise promotional piece that contains all the contact details of her company, as well as something that would clearly convey “the heart of the company”, as she puts it.

Let’s hear what Michelle had to say about her postcards: 

“A portion of every bag/purse that we sell goes to support widows and orphans in Malawi Africa. I had the cards printed with one side inviting people to friend/find/follow us online, and then shared on the back about our partnership in Malawi. We have the cards available at all of the events that we do around L.A. and have had really great feedback from people.” 

But our curiosity didn’t end just there. We also caught a glimpse of these very lovely cards, designed as membership cards for the University of Sheffield Poetry Society, and were once again left interested to learn more. 

GotPrint dark university business card or membership card on tabletop

The President of the Poetry Society elaborates: “The space at the bottom of the card is used to write the member’s name and the duration of their membership. For this the matte finish works really well because we can quickly sharpie this in.

The cards themselves are used by our members to get into our meetings and events. They can also be presented to our partners on and around campus to get discounts.

We’re really pleased with how the cards turned out, and how quickly they arrived. Our brief was for some cards that could withstand a year of going in and out of wallets, having beer spilled on them and still remain looking the part. For our needs the heavy duty 16 pt. (350g) matte card is perfect, and the print quality is, as usual, excellent.”

We’ve certainly have had many unique tests conducted on our cards, and are pleased that now we can finally add beer-spill-proof to the list as well. We love printing all sorts of cards of course, but we’re always particularly pleased to see our customers printing cards to support great causes and interests, so if you’ve printed your own cards for a cause, leave us a note!

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