Custom Print Products for Your In-Store or Online Business

Running or managing a business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce shop, entails structure, strategy, and being open to different methods of creativity. The differences between in store marketing and online marketing are not that far off, with both using physical and online methods to promote their business. For either business type, you can essentially use the same print product but with different applications. These marketing ideas are sure to level up your business.  

Business Cards

While these remain one of the most popular marketing tools to this day, custom business cards can be repurposed as several different things. 

In-Store Business: Of course, it’s a must to print and display traditional branded business cards on the counter of your establishment; however, there are alternatives to using business cards aside from the traditional method. One promotional tool that really seems to go the distance is a customer loyalty card. Cafes, coffee shops, and even spas and salons hand out loyalty punch/stamp cards to customers once the first purchase is made. Any time after that, when a customer makes a follow-up purchase, all they need to do is hand the card to the cashier for a punch. Usually, after 10 purchases, the fully stamped card serves as a ticket to a free item, like a cup of coffee, as a form of gratitude for being a loyal customer. This is particularly great marketing for small businesses because it entices first-time customers to come back, and keep coming back for more! Additionally, if you require appointments for certain services in your brick-and-mortar shop, you can make custom appointment cards to write on and hand out to clients so that they also have a convenient reminder for their next scheduled visit. 

Online Business: Yes, you could also send out a traditional business card in the packages you send out to online customers. Include a QR code on each business card that directly links customers back to your website or Amazon storefront, to review products, and even to your social media channels.  There’s much that can be done with a small piece of cardstock. If you sell handmade jewelry online or run an e-commerce clothing shop with accessories, you’ll need a practical way to hold your smaller items together. Using a business card as a backing for your earrings, necklaces, rings, and so on will not only keep them in place when being sent to customers, but you’ll also be making a professional impression of your brand. Of course, this method is great for any type of business, whether you’re selling in person or online.  


Printed postcards have evolved since their creation. You can display literally any message you’d like on a postcard. 

In-Store Businesses: The traditional marketing use of a custom postcard is still used daily by small businesses and large businesses of all industries.  

Send a mailer postcard to your desired zip codes to entice many potential customers to your store. The goal of the postcard mailer you send out is to attract attention and traffic to a specific event or sale happening exclusively at your store. Even if you sell your items online as well, and use email marketing and social media often, it’s good to get the word out through traditional means to reach a wider audience. Adding some sort of incentive to the mailer for patrons to come shop in person, like an exclusive in-store sale, is a bonus to bring in new faces. The easiest way to send postcard mailers is with EDDM® Mailing through the post office, which we conveniently also offer as a marketing service on the GotPrint site.  

Online Businesses: When consumers place online orders, they do so because a) they already know the product and can order with confidence, or b) they don’t know the product but are willing to take the risk to try it based on research and the general reputation of the company selling the product. This is especially true for a small business e-commerce store. Consider including a thank you postcard with a coupon inside each package to show your appreciation for your customers, who have put their trust in your store and products. This is an affordable way to incorporate online marketing for small businesses. If your customers like the first product they purchased from you, they will be more inclined to order from you again if they have an exclusive discount code to use. You can also add a QR code on the printed postcard that links to your site or to review products online. This simple step will build brand credibility and recognition.  

Whether your intention is to create an invitation, announcement, thank you message, or something else, a postcard is undoubtedly an important print product for your business. 

Roll Labels

Custom Roll labels are extremely durable stickers that can be applied to many objects. It’s a cost-effective step to creating professional & memorable branded packaging.  

In-Store Business: Putting branded labels on to-go bags is a simple way to brand, even if you’re on a budget. Roll labels maintain the same effect when placed on all types of packaging such as boxes, bags, and bottles. This is especially true if your branding guidelines allow you to play around with concepts and colors. Printing different variations of branding labels, for the sake of variety, even holiday-themed ones, can be proven to be cost-effective. Labels can also be created to place removable washing instructions on apparel items for both in-store and online shops. This also helps with return management and analysis.  

Online Business: Roll labels can also be used for internal packaging; specifically, to add to tissue paper to create a wrapped gifted feel. A neatly packaged online order will say a lot about your brand. Using branded roll labels as a sort of “stamp” to seal the contents of the box with tissue paper will highlight the quality of both your products and your store. We’ve also frequently seen small business owners using roll label stickers as both branded and informational add-ons to the protective film on their products. I.e. notepads. This labeling concept is popular among online sellers. Here are two great examples from our lovely customers.  


T-shirts are the go-to apparel piece for online and in store businesses. 

In-Store: T-shirts serve as one of the best and easily branded clothing options for employee uniforms. They’re comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting. All you have to do is print logo t-shirts and your uniforms are ready to go. Your employees will be thankful, as they won’t have to put much thought into what to wear to work. Plus, the uniformity shows your customers that you run an organized establishment. If there is a demand for it, you can even sell a version of this T-shirt to die-hard customers who want to sport your brand.  

Online: Your brand says a lot about you. If you have a logo that customers have expressed love for, print & sell it on popular merchandise items, like graphic tees! With a custom logo t-shirt, you can generate revenue simply by extending your branding as a wearable design. If your expertise is design work, you can also create custom t-shirt designs and sell them from your online store. It’s fast, easy, and can generate more online revenue for your business.  

Hang Tags

Product Hang tags are proven as vital informational tools, such as care instructions or material contents for clothing. However, you can add almost any type of information on any product using branded hang tags. 

In-Store & Online: If you are selling branded items, from mugs to take-home coffee beans right out of your storefront, or selling clothing or accessories from your online store, hang tags are the best tool to use to convey any type of information. Use a hanging tag, or as some call it, a swing tag, to note a sell-by date on baked goods, recipe suggestions on gourmet pasta, clothing price tag on a sweatshirt, care instructions for jewelry, or just to promote your company’s logo for brand awareness. 

You can pair a hang tag with any product if there’s a way to physically tie them together. The bottom line is, hang tags are the ultimate informational tool for both an in-store and online business. 

Why do I need print products for my online business? 

Printed marketing tools are just as essential for online businesses as they are for brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, you can achieve a better customer return rate if you pay attention to personalization. Consider what you would want as a consumer and take it from there. Thank you for ordering cards with future exclusive discounts, logo labels for packaging, and freebie promotional stickers – all of these could give your business an edge that other businesses don’t possess. 

Promoting your online business goes far beyond social media. When you broaden your horizons, you will practice better branding techniques and increase brand awareness in the process.  

How do I promote my online business?   

When it comes to online marketing, there are several different paths you can take to promote your business, from social media to ads, to email campaigns, and even printing. E-commerce marketing and print marketing work well together, as using both methods can bring in different audiences. 

Many online businesses have begun to take advantage of postcard mailers, for example, to achieve more marketing leads for less cost, and with greater results. E-commerce marketing ads are expensive. We get it. That’s why it’s important to consider different methods of marketing, even if your business is primarily or solely online.  

How does online printing work?  

Whenever you need print products, you can conveniently order them from the comfort of your own home or office. Head to the GotPrint website, pick a product you’d like to print, and either 1) upload your print-ready design file, 2) create a design from scratch or modify a template via our easy-to-use online designer, or 3) pay a little extra to work with our in-house design experts to create your design for you!  

At GotPrint, we offer online printing services for traditional marketing materials, like business cards, postcards, and hang tags, but it’s entirely up to you if you need these products for what they are intended for, or if you prefer to think outside of the box to come up with alternative, yet necessary uses. Looking for more products to print for your business? Check out these 15 Essential Marketing Prints