Effective Ways to Use Yard Signs for Marketing

Beyond their popularity in the real estate and political industries, yard signs are a highly underrated marketing tool that can be beneficial for multiple different advertising projects. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should make a custom outdoor sign for your next marketing campaign.

Why Advertise with Yard Signs?  

  1. Cost-effective outdoor signs – You can easily promote anything outdoors – from an open house to a grand opening, without putting a huge dent in your budget.  
  1. Sturdy & durable in various weather conditions – the corrugated plastic material of the yard signs performs well outdoors in conditions such as rain and wind.  
  1. Variety of sizes and shapes to showcase designs – You can either go with the traditional 18 x 24 rectangle or 24 x 24 square yard sign, or your can browse our other shape options, such as circle, oval, arrow, octagon, and more to see what works best for your design and the intended use of the yard sign. Browse All Yard Sign Shapes & Sizes
  1. Comes with step stakes for easy displaying – The standard or heavy-duty metal step stakes that automatically come with every yard sign order are both durable and sturdy for any use. Both are bend-resistant and perform well outdoors in rain and wind. Heavy-duty stakes are included with large yard signs 24 x 36 or 24 x 24, while the rest of the yard sign sizes will arrive with a standard metal stake with each order.  

What are Common Uses for Yard Signs? 

Businesses of all varieties and sizes can make great use of yard signs when given the opportunity. Lawn signs are even ideal for personal scenarios. Here are just a few uses for yard signs, along with links to free yard sign templates you can customize directly on the GotPrint website!

Real Estate Yard Signs

Realtors heavily rely on lawn signs to display information and promote listings, from for-sale signs to open house signs, even in escrow or just sold signs. Create branded real estate yard signs in minutes using one of our free templates, or upload your own print-ready design.

Browse Free Templates:

For Sale | Open House | Just Sold 

Political Campaign Lawn Signs

It’s a given to expect to see a plethora of yard signs in use during election season, and that’s because they have eye-catching capabilities. We have a variety of political yard sign template categories that you can browse and customize for free.  

Browse Free Templates:

Campaigns | Voter Encouragement | Opinion | Props 

Garage Sale Yard Signs 

As I’m sure you’ve seen, yard sale signs can be made with a permanent marker and a poster board, but we can guarantee that an affordable, custom yard sign is going to look much better and ultimately attract more people to your garage sale. After all, you’re trying to get rid of things, right? Yard sale signs are a form of marketing, so make that small investment for your next spring clean-out.  

Browse Free Garage Sale Templates 

Graduation Signs

Graduation yard signs gained popularity during the pandemic but have managed to stay relevant into 2024. They are a fun way to show off your child’s accomplishments, no matter how old they are.  

Browse Free Graduation Celebration Yard Sign Templates  

Birthday Yard Signs

Yard signs for birthdays are popular, especially for children’s outdoor birthday parties. These signs are a fun way to add some welcome signage and avoid the potential hassle of hanging a sign. This would particularly be helpful if you’re hosting your child’s birthday in the park and want guests to know where you’re located.

Browse Kids’ Birthday Yard Signs 

Takeout & Curbside Pickup Signs

Placing yard signs on the curb of your establishment, or adding them in front of parking spaces dedicated to curbside/takeout orders is a nice way to let your customers know that you’ve considered their arrival. It’s also a way to advertise that you offer these services.

Browse Free Takeout & Curbside Pickup Sign Templates  

Temporary Parking Signs

Temporary yard signs are a great tool used to convey where public parking is allowed or not allowed. This is particularly useful for local public works offices who need to do road work in their local area and have temporarily blocked off a once-accessible parking spot. We often see these types of yard signs placed in the area before the event in question, with a timeline written on the yard sign, so that the general public is aware of when to avoid that area for parking.

Browse Free Temp Parking & No Parking Sign Templates  

Security Signs  

Security companies often provide their clients, no matter how big or small, with yard signs to prop up on the front lawn of their property. It’s used as a warning tool for any potential trespassers.

Browse Free Security Sign Templates 

How do I make Custom Yard Signs? 

Here are some helpful tips for creating your own yard signs

  • Use bright, contrasting colors: Passersby are likely moving fast (in a car, on a bike, running, etc) and you’ll have to catch their attention somehow – color is one of the best ways to do that.  
  • Keep the text straightforward – Yard Signs aren’t meant to contain a lot of information. Make sure you only include what is necessary. Keep this as a rule of thumb: if something is on your website, then you don’t need to include it on the yard sign. Including your website URL on the yard sign would suffice. Or a logo, slogan, and phone number will do.  
  • Include a Call to Action – If the purpose of your yard sign is to advertise, then you’ll need a call to action that will prompt a potential customer to act fast. Something simple and to the point, like “call today!” or “visit us!”  
  • Take Advantage of Shapes – Consider all the shapes there are to work in tandem with your design. We offer 8 popular and unique yard sign shapes: Rectangle, Square, Circle, Oval, Octagon, Apartment, House, Star, & Arrow.  
  • Using Both Sides for the Same Design – This just means that the message on both sides should be the same because one side of your sign is likely going to get much more visibility than the other. Your best bet is to print the same design on each side and to print a secondary yard sign to display next to your main yard sign to provide additional important information.  

How much do yard signs cost?

You can order a single custom 12 x 18 rectangle yard sign for as little as $16*. They are an affordable choice for eye-catching outdoor signage.

How long is a yard sign?  

The length of a yard sign depends on the shape and size you select. On the GotPrint website, a few of our popular sizes include 12×18, 18×24, and 24×36 Rectangle yard signs, 24×24 square, and 23×23 circle.

Is there a sign shop near me?  

Simply put – you don’t need a local print shop to provide you with custom prints. You can buy your yard sign by ordering from our website online and having it delivered right to your door!

In short, Yard Signs are an effective and affordable marketing print for businesses and individuals alike. Placing business signs outdoors, whether it’s right outside your storefront, or around the corner, will bring in the traffic you’ve been seeking to boost your business.

Not only can you order custom Yard Signs from the GotPrint.com website, you can now also order signs on our mobile app!

What are you waiting for? Print custom yard signs for your next advertising campaign or event!

*Prices are subject to change without notice at any time.