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Standard-sized, white business cards may be perfectly suitable for certain professions and individuals, but here at GotPrint, we’re seeing more and more people explore different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, and we couldn’t be happier to see it all come to life in our warehouses!

In fact, though we really shouldn’t have favorites, we particularly love to see the new and creative ways in which you use our products to market yourself and your company. Just take a peek at these tasteful cards by Tessa Michelle, who keeps it simple but still stylish enough to grab our attention. The simple greeting against the bright, yellow background is a great way to catch a wandering eye, or simply brighten one’s day. Don’t you think?

GotPrint special shape round business cards white and yellow on the tabletop
If you can’t really decide between a rectangular card and a round one, why not try the half-circle special shape? To date, we’ve seen some very fun business cards created with the half-circle shape, such as the one below, provided by Tamara Dever of TLC Graphics.
GotPrint half circle special shape business cards, musician cards

Haley Corina’s cards deserve a mention as well. Considering the limited space available on cards, why not incorporate icons into your business card design and say more with less? Here, Haley uses clear icons such as scissors to embody her work as a crafty designer.

GotPrint blue business cards designer and craftsmaker

Tell us, how do you put a twist on the traditional business card?

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