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As part of our regular customer feature, we select a GotPrint customer (or a few), one whose talent and work really stands out. And considering we have so many talented customers, you can imagine, it’s not always easy choosing one! Whether it be great designs, creative marketing strategies, or just an interesting or unique business model, we are never short of creatives and business professionals who we can showcase.But the colorful designs of Chelsea Voorhees stood out for us. And considering she got into graphic design late in the game, we felt her story would be applicable to a lot of our customers who are just starting out in their businesses, who could use some helpful advice in marketing and business. So we asked Chelsea about how she came to do what she does, and to shed some light on her aspirations and design style. Chelsea, take it away.
Chelsea Vorhees Designs and Business Cards

My name is Chelsea! The designer, dreamer and heart behind Chelsea Creations Design. During the days, I work as an Administrative Assistant and after hours, I spend my time at home designing custom print designs for all your hopes and dreams. I graduated from Simpson University with a Business degree last spring and for awhile, wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. The closest thing to a design class that I took during school was my Marketing class. I didn’t know a single thing about graphic design until I started working where I’m at now.

Recently I read this and treasure it deeply: “Watching great people do what you love is a good way to start learning how to do it yourself.” This is how it all started.

Even though I’ve been in the graphic design field officially with my personal business for one year come this July, it’s been 4 years altogether from when I began. In 2011, my friend Nathan, (who is actually my boss currently) told me to interview for this job opening that dealt with planning and organizing an event at our church. I went into the interview with him and the first question asked was “How well do you know design and can you operate design programs?” My first thought: What am I getting myself into?! But before I could say anything, my friend blurted out “Yes! She’s a fast learner.” That day I got hired and you could say the rest is history.

GotPrint Printed Design Business Cards

In all seriousness, I stepped into a new job with zero knowledge in this area of creativity. I literally learned something new every day and I owe it all to my friend who I now get the joy and privilege working alongside of. Together, we would watch many videos, listen to webinars, and just dive into a blank page and start creating something. It took a lot of ugly before I started to find my groove and it still takes a lot of ugly to then create something better. But that’s what I love about design; its challenges and process behind the scenes. It is my mission to craft your design dreams into reality!

I design using Photoshop or InDesign on my computer. Once in awhile I’ll draw elements and digitize them to be used on screen. As I grow more in more in this area, I’d love to learn calligraphy! That’s next on my agenda, but for now, I want to keep perfecting the areas I’m passionate about in design now.

I am drawn by and always seeking out new opportunities and people’s stories. My design style is broad, however, I pay very close attention to details and tend to lean towards modern, clean, and colorful marks. I get jazzed about typography, fresh takes on old designs, and anything involving post-it notes.

GotPrint Chelsea Wedding Invites and postcards

I style my designs in two options: by myself with things that I have around my house, or I purchase style stock photography from Shay Cochrane (SC Stock Shop) to be used. She’s the best when it comes to creating your vision when promoting your brand and products! Other than that I try to create a mood or brand with every invitation suite I design. Once I have my client’s invitations printed, I like to carry on the theme or into how it’s presented. I like to think of it as creating a brand for your wedding. The very first thing guests see and get a sense of the big day is with the wedding invitation. It’s my heart to share the bride and groom’s vision from day one, not just on the day of.

Currently, I’m working on various invitation suites for all my 2015 brides and wrapping up branding projects for a few out-of-state businesses. When I’m not behind a computer working, I’m hanging out with my twin sister, laughing with Jimmy Fallon, or dreaming with local young adults of what’s to come!

Follow my designs on Instagram @chelscreationsdesign and check out my Etsy shop.

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