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Our social media followers are a great bunch – from print brokers, to business professionals, to technicians and artists, we have a wide range of customers with different professions, interests, and habits. And though we’ve gotten to know many of you quite well, we’re still curious to learn more about what you do, what products you like, and how you like to network, for example.

So from time to time, we post a question or poll on our Facebook or blog, in an effort to get to know our loyal GotPrint fans. Several of you took the time to provide your answer, and we thank you for that! After reviewing the results of the polls, here’s what we found out.

From those of you who voted:

  • The majority are most productive late at night (about 48%)
  • Minimalism is a favorite style (60%)
  • The preferred social media network for business use is Facebook (83%)
  • 90% are business owners
  • 48% prefer the 16 pt. card stock for business cards (though it’s closely followed by 37% who like the 14 pt. Gloss)
  • 94% upload files to our website, as opposed to using one of our designing programs

We’ve only managed to scratch the surface here, so be sure to follow us on our social networks, answer our polls, and drop in once in awhile to tell us about yourself!

GotPrint Facebook poll - what's your most productive time of day?
GotPrint Facebook question/poll - what style do you like best?
GotPrint Facebook question/poll - how are you affiliated with a small business?
GotPrint Facebook question/poll - what's your favorite social media network for business use?
GotPrint Facebook question/poll - Which of the 3 ways do you order?GotPrint question/poll - what's your favorite GP business card stock?

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