Meetings – Be Prepared with Folders, Staggered Cut Flyers and Notepads

Are you ready at meetings, or do you simply walk in thinking all you need is your personality and inherent ability to improvise? While improvisation is an important skill that will certainly help you in the long run, it’s still important that you look like you did your homework and preparation prior to coming in to meetings, especially when you’re selling a product or service to prospective clients.

We love the idea of custom presentation folders, branded business cards, and why not – an effective and concise powerpoint presentation wouldn’t hurt either. Make sure you’re branding yourself in any way you can, it certainly sets a good impression and solidifies your name as an established one. Having an entire marketing package that displays your logo, your brand colors, and what your company stands for, is crucial to making those long-lasting relationships.

Presentation folders are a great way to showcase your offerings as well as display a small portfolio of your projects, clients, and accomplishments. They also keep all your information organized in a branded folder that your clients can take with them after the meeting and refer to them before making a decision.

One sure way to keep it all organized is to create custom staggered cut flyers, with separate topics on each flyer. You can emphasize your services on one, pricing on the other, and perhaps an “About Us” section about your company too. Since the front flyers are cut shorter than the back ones, it’s a quick and easy way for clients to see all the topics of your business and presentation at one glance without having to shuffle through the papers.

We suggest our standard 9″ x 12″ folders, with your choice of left and right pockets, and business card slit, if preferred. And to really ensure all of your presentation’s details stay top of mind, why not hand out some branded notepads for them to take notes on? That way, you can be sure your audience takes home your key points and remembers you time and again when jotting down an idea, phone number, or whatever!

Nareh S.

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