Customer New Year Postcard

New Years Postcards

The holidays are a busy time of year, what with all the gift buying, holiday planning, not to mention, marketing for your business. Then, there’s the holiday cards: from creating a design, to writing a special note on each one, this is one tradition that requires some planning in advance. 

But if you just can’t make it for the holidays, why not plan “New Years Cards” instead? We caught up with one of our customers, Laura Zastrow from Laura Zastrow Photography, on how she prepared her New Years cards. Here’s what Laura had to share about the whole experience:

“The first year I sent Christmas cards I got so behind schedule that I sent them out as “Valentines Day Cards”, making it into a bit of a joke. I felt like I’d really failed with the timing but then I got so many compliments on how fun it was! Ever since, I’ve just planned on “New Year’s Cards”, knowing they could be sent out well into January and still be appropriately on time.

This year, I was actually on schedule though! We had our family photos taken in October by a very skilled colleague of mine. Even my husband said he enjoyed the process and was impressed with Twig and Olive’s way of working with our kids. I made a simple design in Photoshop, adding our kids’ names and ages along with a holiday greeting from our family. (I like to keep it simple with a photo or two of us and just a few words, letting the photos be the star!)

GotPrint holiday new years cards and envelopes

A few weeks later, I commissioned my very talented friend Shannon of Uttke Photography and Design to calligraph the cards for our list of 100 friends and family that we send them to. She did a stellar job!

From photo shoot in early October, card ordering in late October, and addressing in November, these were sent on their way to our family and friends by mid-December.


Our family has been using GotPrint for four years to print our holiday card. I am a professional photographer and have a background in graphic design and am very particular about my card design! I like that I’m not locked into card layout templates on GotPrint’s site but that I can upload my own file, while still printing on beautiful paper at a great price.

Thanks for sharing your cards and story with us, Laura!

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