Personal Hang Tags for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to be festive, a time to make lasting memories that we can cherish and share with family and loved ones for years to come. While stylish, store-bought holiday adornments and accessories make for a merry time, creating personalized embellishments ensures a truly memorable and special holiday season.     
It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays, which is why we’re like to share a few ideas with you so you can get a kick-start on decorating for next year – before the Halloween costume-shopping frenzy, and that inevitable post-Thanksgiving food coma.

Happy Holidays hang tag or gift tab for presents attached to christmas stocking

Personalized hang tags are the perfect attachments to gifts. They’re great for those last minute shoppers that don’t have a gift tag and marker handy. Include a picture and a greeting – your friends and family will love the personal touch.

merry christmas hang tag used as christmas tree decoration

Skip the crowded ornament stores next year and decorate your Christmas tree with your own, personable adornments. Design your hang tags so they include family names and your favorite family photos. With hang tags, you can decorate your tree in just minutes, and when the holidays are over, forgo the tedious process of removing and storing ornaments in boxes and containers. Simply cover the tree, and it’s ready for display the following year.

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