Promotional Tools from A to Z

Though business cards may be our most popular promotional tool, there are various ways by which you can promote yourself and your business. From business essentials such as postcards, brochures and flyers, to stationery products like envelopes and letterheads, to small and large signage, we have just about everything you can dream of on paper for you to get your message (and images!) across.

Jannie Ho prefers postcards for marketing her illustrations. A children’s book illustrator, Jannie created these promotional postcards for a board book series that she illustrated, called “Tiny Tabs”. What better way to show your artwork than on these 4″ x 6″, double-sided, full-color postcards? And if you find you need a bit more room for your characters, we have you covered with just about every size you can imagine, from 2” x 4” all the way to 9” x 12”!

GotPrint double sided postcards, illustrated by Jannie Ho

Or how about these lovely hang tags by Melissa Bracken, owner and artist of The Happy Groundhog Studio? With so many choices of paper stocks to choose from, it’s easy to customize your print product so that it’s in sync with what your business is all about. In Melissa’s case, it’s about being eco-friendly!

“As an Eco Friendly company I am always looking for recycled materials to use in making my stuffed animals. So when it came time to order business cards and hang tags I naturally wanted to use recycled materials as well. I chose Got Print because they print on recycled paper. I am so happy with the quality of their product and I will always order from Got Print!”

GotPrint "The Happy Groundhog Studio" hang tags and business cards

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can get your message across. So do tell us your story – what are some of the practical and creative ways in which you advertise your business?

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