Send Your Greetings, Spread the Joy!

The personal holiday greeting card tradition is such a nice one, but one that often gets overlooked in the face of all the new technology we use on a daily basis. By personal, we mean traditional cards sent to family and loved ones, with the intention of simply wishing them a great holiday. Nowadays, the majority of our mail is promotional mail, and although direct mail may be a crucial element of a company’s success, promotional greeting cards shouldn’t be the only greeting cards we should send—personal ones are important too.

Even with phone, email, and facebook communication dominating throughout the year, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for a thoughtful greeting card, penned by hand, and sent to not only clients, but loved ones and friends as well.

After all, emails get stored in a digital inbox full of thousands of correspondence about work and say, more serious matters, so who’s to say it’ll even get read? A card, on the other hand, is propped up on a mantle, re-read and treasured for years to come. So whether you’ll be saying thank you, or just extending warm wishes during the holidays, it’s really the sentiment and the “thought” that counts, isn’t it?

In fact, several of my friends expressed shock and appreciation when they received the greeting cards I sent them last week. There was the “Wow! An actual greeting card!” comment that seemed to be common among them.

If you and your family will be sending holiday cards this year, make sure to get them stamped and mailed as soon as possible – it’s the busiest time of year, so you’ll want to avoid the mid-December mailing frenzy that’s about to occur. You’ll want to ensure your cards and packages make it on your loved ones’ mantles and front doors in time, don’t you?

And if you feel you’re a bit busy and your cards won’t make it on time for Christmas (to loved ones abroad, for one), you can always send New Years cards and express your best wishes for the coming year. What better way to ring in the new year than with a handful of personalized cards full of positive, cheery spirit?