Stick to it with Stickers

We really like the idea of figuring out creative ways to use stickers for your marketing needs. Excuse the pun, but there’s just something about a sticker that sticks. Their adhesive properties increase the likeliness that your customers and die-hard fans will feature them somewhere visible, thus attracting more eyeballs to your brand.

From using stickers for delivery packages and personal gifts, to using them for addressing and labeling purposes, to even personal events, we’ve seen these great promotional items used in various ways, and are always curious to see how they are used amongst the different types of businesses and customers we cater to. The point is, you can use them everywhere, and better yet, stick them everywhere!

Jeanette Facey, owner of MyLittleCakepop, designs and manufactures cake pop molds and sells them online through her website. She uses her branded stickers on the sides of the packages they use to ship to customers. Since they do not have their own, custom boxes with their logo on them, she finds this strategy to be a more cost-effective alternative than to have to order mass quantities of boxes.
Jeanette always makes sure to also include a sticker in each order both as a nice, fun gesture, and because it’s just another way to get your name to be seen. Not to mention that including stickers with your orders is a great way to ensure your customers pass them along to their friends as referrals.
So get to sticking!



Nareh S.

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