Superheroes, Nuns, Michael Myers, and a Person Morphed into a Transformers Car

One might ask, how are all these things possible in one title? Well, it’s possible. The GotPrint staff got very creative the day before Halloween. (And thankfully, we had the camera fully loaded for evidence.) Take a look.

GotPrint Human - Car Halloween Costume

GotPrint Human - Car Halloween Costume

 (Kudos to all the effort he put into it!)

Bounty Hunter Halloween Costume

A bounty hunter (with her clever wanted sign)

Scary Halloween Costume

We didn’t recognize him!

Scary Halloween Costume

An unidentifiable monster (he did an amazing job with his makeup!)
Nerd or Dork Halloween Costume

The photographer!
Zombie Doll Halloween Costume

A zombie-doll

We had an eclectic array of wonderful and creative costumes, including:

Where’s Waldo, a hippie, a maid, a graduate, a flower, a jail inmate, a pirate, Spiderman, a devil in a Hugh Hefneresque bachelor smoking jacket, a nerd, a devil’s advocate, a mannequin head of hair, a she-devil, a zombie, a soldier, and George going as well, George!
(Oh, and I forgot, to top it all off, a baby-toting mother with full robe and hair in curlers and an unidentifiable eater-of- babies.)

Housewife Halloween Costume

We couldn’t post all the pictures on the blog, so check out our Facebook and Myspace for the complete album! And don’t forget to…

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Everyone!

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