Time to Get Festive

It’s the holidays – time to get festive, time to get a bit more cheery. The season gets rather busy, what with all of the family gatherings, gift buying and giving, and the numerous promotional campaigns you are managing for your business. After all, ’tis the season where we all inevitably become little elves and Santa’s helpers – packaging a thing or two to give away, personalizing cards to get sent out, and ensuring your company products are all customized with the spirit of the holidays.

If you’re short on time, and looking to add a bit of a personal touch in a jiffy and without a lot of hassle – why not create customized stickers? They’re versatile and can be used for both personal or business use.

With one stick, you can turn simple gifts from boring to festive. Use stickers to seal greeting card envelopes, affix them to handmade gifts and baskets, or personalize company folders and correspondence. Stickers don’t have to simply contain your name or logo either – get creative and create a new design/icon or message that you can use for already branded products and correspondence. It’s just one way to make your brand more personable and garner some extra attention and smiles.

Another popular item for the season is custom hang tags – tie them with string or strips of fabric and use them to package gifts, decorate Christmas trees, or brand your products. The possibilities are truly endless.

But the cheer doesn’t have to end come December 31st. Start the new year off on the right foot by handing out personalized notepads to your employees and clients for the new year. After all, a fresh new year means a whole new set of resolutions and ideas – and what better way to ensure everything stays organized and gets done than to have it all jotted down on a notepad?

We’d love to hear your own creative holiday ideas – so be sure to drop us a note or a picture in the comment section.

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