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So you have your business cards designed, printed and delivered to you. But it doesn’t just end there. In fact, some may say that only the easy part has been completed. After all, you still have to hand out your cards to potential clients and ensure that you’ve provided enough of an incentive for them to even contact you. Yikes!

How do you do all this? Where do you go to find potential clients, and how do you approach them? Since networking and handing out your cards may all seem daunting (especially for those just starting out a new business or job search), we again turned to our seasoned and professional networkers—our fans and followers on our social media sites—and asked them to offer a word about their own business card hand-out strategies. After all, we think several years of orders and thousands of business cards later, they may know a thing or two about networking!

Take, for one, Joshua Munsta’s tip:

Facebook comment "quantity works best" 

We just simply can’t deny the power of numbers in the business card game, can we?

It was interesting and insightful to read the range of different responses we received from you. And though you may not agree with all of the tips, it’s worth keeping in mind that what works for one person, may not work for the other (and visa versa).

So here it is, your business card/networking tips:
Facebook comment on business cards
Facebook comment on business cards
Facebook comment on business cards
Facebook comment on business cards
Facebook comment on business cards
As Barbara Sammons noted, a “temperature check” is crucial in making a positive impression and getting leads! We hope these tips provide you some insight and help you take a foot in the right direction. And if you have any tips of your own to contribute, be sure to leave us a comment in this post.

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