7 Print Essentials Every Wedding Photographer Needs

The number of scheduled nuptials in 2022-2023 has reached a record high due to unprecedented events preventing most weddings from happening over the last two years. With that being said, vendors such as florists, dress designers, and photographers are experiencing a positively successful comeback in their careers.

As a wedding photographer, you of course need your equipment of high-quality DSLRs and prime lenses, as well as your skilled knowledge and a keen eye for both portrait and event photography in order to capture the essence of a special day. But what about the additional tools? There are many essential prints you can use to your advantage that will make you stand out from your competitors, especially because most potential clients are looking for these extra additional touches when searching for their vendors.  

Read along to see what prints you’ll need to ensure a successful wedding photography business!

Canvas/Wall Prints 

Canvas Prints are one of the add-ons your clients will greatly appreciate if you have them on your list of offerings, as they are useful for both after the wedding and even during the wedding if you book a “pre-wedding” shoot with the couple. Often times at weddings, a photo print of the happy couple will be at the entrance of the reception, and most of the time it’s on a sturdy print that they can later repurpose as a wall print in their home.

On our website, you can place an order for a high-quality wall print in minutes. With no minimum quantities required, and our variety of wall print types, such as Framed Prints and Metal Wall Prints, and affordable prices, it’s a good idea to have these products bookmarked in your browser, ready to go when you need to place another order for your clients.  

Photo Books 

Like canvas and other wall prints, photo books are also very common as an offering in wedding photography packages, and as an a la carte add-on. Our website has easy, ready-made modern templates to choose from for photo books, so much so that you can easily just upload the selected photos and finish designing in minutes. Or, if you prefer to get specific and custom with the design, you can also do so with backgrounds, elements, text, and so on. The trend these days is to go for a modern, clean look for wedding albums, and we don’t think that’s going anywhere any time soon, so it’s important that you take that into consideration when designing these photo books for your clients.  

Business Cards 

As we always say, business cards are not dead – and here’s why. Say you’re shooting a wedding, and someone comes up to you to ask for your contact information because they have their own wedding coming up within the year and are looking for a photographer. Sure, you can provide your name, phone number, Instagram handle, website, etc verbally, or is it better to have some professional cards on hand that you can easily hand to the potential client in front of you? In a party atmosphere, we think the latter is the one that’ll likely get you the job.  

Special Shape Cards

If you’re looking for an unconventional yet unique form of a business card, you can easily elevate your marketing efforts by designing your business card on a special shape card. Our unique shapes will surely make a good first impression on whoever gets their hands on one of your cards. Here’s a tip if you’re feeling extra creative – you can use a circle shape and make an aperture-inspired design, or use our wink shape and make a camera-inspired design.  

Custom Uniform Attire

If you have a specific uniform for yourself on the days that you are shooting events, you’ll not only look professional, but you’ll be able to silently and tastefully promote your business with your logo on a t-shirt or a polo.  

Portfolio Catalogs 

Having a lot of experience under your belt is one thing, but we can bet that you also have an impressive digital catalog of photos to showcase. Yes, you probably have an online portfolio, but we recommend printing catalogs as a tangible portfolio of your work. Printed work shows the full effect of not only what you can do as a photographer, but as a photo editor as well. Handing out a free catalog to all the potential clients you come across will help you book more events.

Office Signs

Do you have a studio or office space? Make it official with a sign of your logo to tie the place together. When your clients, both potential and current, visit your space, they’ll understand your level of professionalism based on the details you put into your office.  Our personal favorites to create an office sign are Aluminum Boards and Acrylic Boards.


With all these print products under your belt, your overall professionalism will expand your client base. Not only that, you will likely impress clients so much that they’ll be inclined to pass along your contact information to other newly engaged couples looking for an expert to capture their special day.  

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