Drupa 2012 – Quite the Af-fair

Last week, a few of our GotPrint staff from Press, IT, and Management attended the drupa print media fair. Packed with curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and a lot of that GotPrint pizazz, we made the long trip overseas to well-kept Düsseldorf, Germany, where the quadricentennial fair was held.

If you don’t already know, Drupa is where printers and those who are interested in the print industry can share their love of all things printing. Think of it as E3 for the computer and video games industry, or Comic-Con for comic book lovers, or even photokina for the photographic industry (get the picture yet?). It’s the ultimate and largest show for the print industry, and speaking of large, what a crowd it attracts!

Drupa 2012 print media fair

drupa 2012 print media fair equipment

In fact, it’s such an esteemed fair for the industry, that it’s a little world on its own. At drupa, you’ll find yourself in drupacity, a world of high-tech equipment, efficiency, people discussing efficiency, ideas, innovations and more efficiency and workflow systems.

Indeed, at drupa, you’ll meet with drupartners, and be welcomed by drupaulas and drupauls. Maybe you’ll be like us and even get the chance to stop by the drupartnermalls and drupartnershops on your trip!

print media fair shop (gutenberg-shop)

attendees at drupa print media fair events

You can expect to gather a great deal of information ranging from the state of the printing industry, to sustainability, information on packaging, design, and talks on future trends and the latest in the printing world. Moreover, there were special shows and events, the drupa cube, which hosts half-day symposiums, and the dip (drupa innovation park), where you can dip into some very interesting talks on ground-breaking innovations.

But it’s not all about the shows and discussions – time for some mingling! There were representatives from various companies in the print industry – ranging from start-ups to print giants, and we had the opportunity to meet up with several partners and reps from Heidelberg, Polar, HP, and EFI, which is always a pleasure!

GotPrint, vendors and partners at drupa print media fair
heidelberg sign at drupa print media fair 2012

polar showcase equipment at drupa print media fair 2012

Drupa was a whirlwind of inspiring events, engaging discussions, brilliant colors and displays and like-minded people. We were introduced to a great deal of new technology, available enhancements to workflow and printing systems, and engaged in discussions on ideas about improved efficiency.

And now that we’ve left the little world of drupa and are back, we’re excited to take everything we learned and integrate them into our own workflows and systems.

The fair will continue until the 16th of May, so for more information, make sure to visit their site.

staff working the press at drupa print media fair 2012

large printer at drupa print media fair 2012

press equipment at drupa print media fair 2012

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