A Full Guide of GP’s Design Fonts

Have you ever seen a finished design that’s been nearly perfect, but the font selection just isn’t right? Having a font variety to choose from and selecting the appropriate font is a vital aspect of design. As a full-service online printing company, GotPrint takes pride in offering our customers a built-in Online Designer, where you can design your own prints and have access to hundreds of templates and elements, such as fonts, backgrounds, and so on, all at no additional cost! We recently added 40 new fonts to our Online Designer, bringing our total to 70 fonts. You’ll find that our collection includes popular Sans Serif fonts, classic Serif fonts, Display fonts for standing out, and Script fonts for a touch of elegance. There’s no doubt that you can make the design you’ve envisioned with the fonts at your disposal. In this blog post, we’re giving you a full visual rundown of all the design fonts you can find currently on our Online Designer.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are arguably the most popular body or paragraph fonts right now because of how simple they are to read. They also look a bit cleaner than serif fonts (fonts that have flicks in their lettering).

Serif Fonts

While they’re not the most popular font type all around, Serif fonts are classic and timeless, and still have their place of importance in the world of graphic design.

Script Fonts

Script fonts add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any print. If you think the cursive style is too old school for your taste, there are a number of modernized options that look just as elegant as the classic script fonts.

Display Fonts

Display fonts aren’t meant to be used as a “paragraph” font. They are best for words that have the intent to stand out and grab a reader’s attention.

To start designing your own print products with any of these fonts, simply visit our website and choose a product to get started.

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