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Illuminate Your Prints with the Power of Light

Beautiful prints on high-quality paper stock go a long way, but sometimes you need an extra finishing touch to truly make your designs spark and shine. Now, imagine the impact your prints, advertising message, or artwork displays would make if they were illuminated with a soft, diffused light, without the need of any additional, bulky light fixtures and lamps. Imagine the possibilities of a customizable backlight option for all your displays. With that in mind, we introduce you to our new, revolutionary product, IllumaPrint!



Versatile, Flexible, Customizable

IllumaPrint is a thin light panel (as thin as laminated paper) on which you can print and illuminate your graphics and artwork for brilliant, eye-catching displays. The first of its kind to be able to use ink with illuminating properties through the application of nanotechnology, this patented product is a very unique, hot item on the market. IllumaPrint is the only technology of its kind to be flat, thin and flexible, making this product extremely versatile for various uses such as artwork displays, signage displays, safety lighting, furniture accessories and more.

That’s right, you can print on a thin, flexible light panel! Moreover, its flexibility allows you to get more creative – you can even wrap it around a pole if you like (just make sure not to bend it to 90° or more).

Unlike other illuminated displays in the market, IllumaPrint consumes only 0.0625 watts/sq. ft., yet still provides bright, evenly distributed and soft light that’s appealing and effective. Think elegant ambience, not harsh, blinding light. And to top it off, IllumaPrint has an average 10-year life span (that’s over 80,000 hours!). This new product boasts many features and advantages that make it stand out over the competition. For a full comparison of IllumaPrint with other light technologies and illuminated displays, check out our Technology and Specs page here.

Print on IllumaPrint or on a Backlit Substrate

You may choose to have us print directly on the printed light panels, or we can print on a high-quality, backlit substrate which you can place in front of the light panel. This way, you may change your advertising message as often as you please, while using the same IllumaPrint panel. Our backlit substrate is a professional-grade material that provides superb color saturation, a great contrast and high pixel resolution. Regardless of which option you choose, your displays will look elegant and attractive.

GotPrint_IllumaPrint-Printed Light

The possibilities are endless, and you’re only limited by your imagination. IllumaPrint is simply a brilliant solution for ensuring your advertising graphics, logo and message gain maximum exposure and visibility.

We have numerous sizes of IllumaPrint to choose from. Learn more by checking out our videos, or start ordering IllumaPrint printed light panels by visiting our website.


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