New Building for GotPrint

While picking up your orders, you may have noticed a new building with a GotPrint sign at the top, just round the corner from our current customer pickup location. We’ve had a bit of a move, you see, as we continue to grow and add to our equipment (and staff!).

External image of GotPrint headquarters, the new building
In fact, many of us (Design, IT, Accounting, HR, Digital department, myself, and a few other folks) have said goodbye to our old office and work spaces, packed our belongings, and made the one minute trek to the new building. A rather large group, we now have a large space to match!

But enough of the talk, here are some more Instagram shots of the new space.

Our new conference room, a.k.a the “Sushi House.”
GotPrint conference room table and employee at the door
GotPrint employee walking up the stairs
GotPrint new building hallway
Designers hard at work!
GotPrint designer working on a file on the MAC computer
GotPrint designer designing at a worktable
And let’s not forget our customer service staff…
GotPrint customer service representative by computer screen looking at an order
Providing exceptional service isn’t our customer service reps’ only talent – just check out these beautiful creations!
GotPrint employee's handmade helicopter by desk
GotPrint employee's illustration at desk
And as always, the warehouse is bustling with activity!
GotPrint bindery employee working machines
GotPrint employees working print machines
GotPrint digital print warehouse
GotPrint digital print warehouse and GotPrint employee at the machine
Can you spot your prints?
GotPrint digital printer printing promotional piece
Digital printing promotional piece at
print promotional products GotPrint
bindery warehouse of online printer GotPrint

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