GotPrint Celebrates the Holidays!

What better time than the holidays to gather the staff together and celebrate the year’s accomplishments and be merry? Indeed, it was yet another busy year, which means another festive holiday party, and GotPrint staff certainly made it a night to remember.

There was dining and dancing (and a reasonable share of drinking) – oh, and there were speeches and a photo booth too!

In case you couldn’t make it, we’ve snapped some shots of jolly times for you to see.

And before we forget…

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Panoramic photograph of GotPrint's holiday party

Photograph of GotPrint's holiday party at a banquet hall

GotPrint staff member giving a speech at the stage

GotPrint employees posing by the Holiday Party Christmas tree

GotPrint staff posing at the table at the Holiday Party

GotPrint employees photo booth picture in silly hats

GotPrint female employees posing for a photo

GotPrint holiday party dance floor with staff dancing

Three GotPrint male employees

Three female GotPrint employees

GotPrint employees dancing

GotPrint employees dancing

GotPrint employees dining at the table

GotPrint employee posing for a photo

GotPrint employees posing for a photo

GotPrint employee posing for a photo

Photograph of the view of lights and sunset

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