Get Into the Spirit

It’s always interesting to see what get-ups people will come up with for Halloween. From spooky, to funky and creative, this is one holiday that never gets boring.

And since GotPrint is never one to shy away from getting into the Halloween spirit, we celebrated this year with costumes, candy, and of course, some good ‘ol, fun competition.

But first, we must warn you to ONLY…

Halloween enter if you dare sign


What would Halloween be without some scary folk? Winner of Scariest Costumes:

Halloween Scary Costume Skeleton


Man and woman posing in Scary Costumes for halloween

Joining the competition, were some winners of the most creative and funniest costumes:

Woman dressed as Kissing Booth and Progressive Girl for halloween
Girl with Halloween Face Makeup Skeleton
Woman dressed as Homeless for halloween

And winners of our department costume were IT, who I believe, were trying to give us a little hint…

IT department Halloween Costumes
Halloween Haunted House IT Department
 The GotPrint gang

GotPrint Staff Dressed in Halloween Costumes
50's girl halloween costume at desk
Justin Bieber Halloween costume with guitar
GotPrint staff dressed in halloween costumes
Black Angel Halloween Costume


 A spooky gallery, featuring my personal favorite, Tim Burton’s collection!
Tim Burton collection
Owner of the Spooky Art Gallery:

Art gallery owner


  We had a very wicked witch…
Woman in Wicked witch costume holding apple
And some heroes:

Man dressed in Clark Kent/Superman Costume
Man dressed as Spongebob with sunglasses
GotPrint staff wearing Halloween costumes
4 women dressed in baby costumes for halloween


Seen Iron Chef lately? We have!

woman dressed in bride of frankenstein costume and man dressed in iron chef costume


Our Kentucky gang!
GotPrint kentucky staff halloween picture
Chuckie Halloween Costume
Woman dressed as pirate with sword and eyepatch

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