GotPrint Trifecta Black 38pt

New Ultra Thick, Triple-Layered Paper: 38 pt. Trifecta Black!

In November of last year, we launched our new and improved website, along with numerous new features and products, including the Trifecta Black, which is our ultra thick, triple-layered paper. Although this paper was very popular among our customers, we’re just not happy with “good enough.” After all, most things are good enough, but have significant room for growth and improvement. So how else would you know if anything is the best it can be, unless you try to make it better?

So in the spirit of making things better for our customers, we’d like to announce that our popular paper is now thicker and better than before in 38 pt. thickness (700 gsm)! Indeed, we know you love that triple-layered look, but wanted more of the middle layer color to show. So we sat down and thought about how we could ensure the color stands out. Now, the middle layer is much thicker, set apart by the thinner white layers, giving it a striking contrast that is noticeable! This luxurious paper has a bold, striking look that is sure to get your attention wherever you go.

But not to worry, the Trifecta Black is still printed on the same “Smart White” paper, and has the same silky finish applied on the surface. In addition, 38 pt. Trifecta Black is available for business cards, postcards, bookmarks, club flyers, collectors cards and rack cards.

Try it out on a set of postcards, or – why not make a complete marketing package with a set of postcards and matching ultra-thick business cards? With the middle layer being a neutral color, you can design a set of postcards or business cards to match your logo. And if you need a set of cards for personal reasons, Trifecta Black makes a great choice for invitations, display cards at your store, and just about anything else you can think of!

At such affordable prices, this new stock is sure to make a big impression and set you apart from the crowd. Get started by visiting our Trifecta Black page.

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