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New Products: Window Perfs, Yard Sign Sizes, Mesh Vinyl for Banners & More!

Have you heard the good news? We’re expanding on our signage and banners category, with a range of new products now available on our website!

So what are the new products, you ask?

Perhaps you’d like to post a few decals or signs on your storefront windows, but you really want to maintain an open, two-way visibility. In other words, you’d like passersby to be able to see your ads, while still being able to see what’s going on inside your store, and visa versa. In a world where transparency is important, we bring to you: Window Perfs!

These window displays are made out of adhesive-backed, 60/40 perforated window film. What this means is that 60% of the window display is film (or printed area), while 40% is perforation (small holes), which creates that “see-through” look. It’s ideal for when you’d like to display a new promotion or image on your store windows, yet still maintain some visibility and allow light to pass through. With window perfs, you can cover your windows with beautiful advertisements that do not detract from your overall store’s look and visibility.

We know some of you will want to get very creative with this new product, but before you do, keep in mind that your design will be printed on the front/non-adhesive side, with the black adhesive on the back. But, since these displays have a low-tack adhesive backing, you can easily remove and reposition these displays however you’d like! Moreover, the black adhesive backing allows you to create a tinted window look. The options are endless, so get creative!

But more on the other products now, shall we? We also have a new material for banners, our 10 oz. Premium Mesh Vinyl, which is a great solution for windy outdoor conditions. This material is perforated, which allows enough air-flow to ensure the banner remains steady and undamaged in conditions where there’s wind.

And of course, we’re always adding new available sizes to our current products, to ensure you have the option to promote your message, however you’d like. On our website, you’ll find we’ve enabled a handful of popular, new sizes for Large Format Posters, Window Clings, Window Decals, Banners, and Yard Signs. And speaking of yard signs, we’re particularly excited to now offer arrow-shaped yard signs, as we feel this new size would be particularly ideal for realtors and agents looking to advertise new homes listed on the market. Our goal is to ensure you have the flexibility to customize your promotional materials to your every need.

We have many other products in the works, so stay tuned!

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