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Red is the New Black!

Due to popular demand, we now have Trifecta Triple-Layered paper in red! Similar to our Trifecta Black, Trifecta Red is an ultra-thick, premium paper stock with two, outer white layers, and a thicker, middle layer in a stunning, vibrant red.

Printed on 38 pt. (700 gsm) “Smart White” paper, these cards are thick and impressive. We’ve put our Trifecta stocks to the test to ensure they’re as durable as we say they are – after all, we want you to to present the absolute best impression when you’re meeting a new client or introducing your business or a new promotion. Our Trifecta stock is the perfect paper to make a strong, lasting impression on anyone you meet.

In fact, we believe Trifecta Red is a conversation starter. From the overall thickness, to the eye-catching red middle layer, to the tangible, velvety finish on the surface, Trifecta red is sure to make you the center of attention. Stack them high on your front desk, insert them in your shiny business card holder, or create a set of beautiful postcards or invitations. The options are endless!

We have a whole range of products that can be printed on our Trifecta stock, so that you can customize a complete Trifecta marketing package. Whether you’ll be ordering business cards, postcards, bookmarks, club flyers, collectors cards or rack cards (or all of the above!), you can certainly make a statement with Trifecta, while still maintaining your budget. We’re eager to see all the creative ways you’ll put this new stock to use. Learn more and start ordering by visiting our Trifecta Red page.

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