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It’s literally a banner day at as we introduce our latest product: Retractable Banner Stands. Now, you can finally create high-impact displays that will showcase your brand and marketing message in a prominent and notable manner. Whether you use them for trade show displays, exhibits, in-store or sidewalk promotions, new product announcements or myriad other ways, you’ll have the ability to stand out among the crowd, generate new sales leads and most importantly, make new sales.

Our new retractable banner stands are modern, durable and easy to assemble. What’s more, each stand comes with a black padded carrying case, allowing for easy transport to and from exhibits, trade shows, or anywhere else you want to use them to highlight your company, brand, products or services.

There are two models available from which to choose: Premium or Economy Banner Stands, both of which measure 33.5” x 78.7” and are available as double sided banner stands or single sided banner stands. Featuring heavy-duty aluminum construction and a silver base, these sleek new stands are sure to add a touch of class and style to any promotion. Plus, if you order one of our no-curl 13-ounce, Super Smooth Greyback banners from us at the same time, we’ll install the banner on the stand as well, regardless of whether you’re printing it one- or two-sided. Of course, as mentioned above, a black padded carrying case will also be included.

Premium banner stands have a bigger base for an even more high-end look, and the economy stands are simpler with a smaller base, yet are still very modern and sturdy. Both models are sure to last for several years, and are light enough to easily move and reposition whenever necessary. The premium and economy stands are offered as double-sided and single-sided banner stands, with the option to choose whether you would like the whole set (banner with the stand), or simply the replacement banner.

As discussed earlier, if you order the banner with the stand, it will be installed for you prior to shipping. All you’ll have to do is insert the pole, pull up the banner, and connect it to the pole to complete installation. The premium banner stands have a bungee pole that is adjustable, with a tension knob system and clip in top rail. Our economy banner stands have a 3-piece bungee pole, with a clip in top rail and stabilizing feet. The great news is that you can install future replacement banners on the stands yourself with only some double-sided tape. Yes, no need to roll up your sleeves for future installations, as no other special tools or assistance is required. Plus, to make installations even simpler, we always include an easy-to-follow instruction sheet

Isn’t it time for you to create a high-impact display that is sure to make your company and brand stand out, receiving the highest possible visibility? Get complete details, file prep instructions, and order yours today by visiting our Retractable Banner page.

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