10 Popular Custom Sticker Sizes and How to Use Them

When it comes to marketing materials, branded stickers are as essential as business cards, brochures, and flyers. After all, they’re fun, affordable, and extremely versatile. Stickers can be used for promotional giveaways, branded packaging, organization, and so much more.

At GotPrint, we offer sticker printing in many formats, including standard rectangle stickers, die-cut stickers, and roll labels. With so many options, customers are not always sure which shape and size best suit their needs. If this is the case, don’t worry – we’re happy to share the most popular stickers sizes for a variety of applications.

General Purpose – 3” x 3” Rounded Square

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Our 3” x 3” square sticker with rounded corners can be used for just about any occasion. This shape is well suited for photo stickers, collectible artwork, and colorful graphics.

Business Card Stickers – 2” x 3.5” Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

A sticker business card is an invaluable tool if you often hand out document packets or product catalogs to your clients. Rather than including a loose business card, apply the sticker to the folder/envelope or catalog to help ensure your contact information stays with the materials.

General Purpose – 3” Circle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Thanks to their flexibility, circle stickers are a year-round bestseller! They are often used for whimsical applications (e.g. emojis) as well as practical ones (such as product labels).

Return Address Labels – 1.1” x 2.75” Rounded Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Give your envelopes a polished look with professionally printed return address labels. The 1.1” x 2.75” size has enough space for your name and address, plus you can personalize it even more with a small image or decorative element.

Typography – 2” x 8” Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

If you’re printing stickers with bold, conspicuous wording, our 2” x 8” horizontal sticker size will ensure your message gets noticed! This size can be displayed on laptops, bicycle frames, shipping boxes, and more.

Envelope Seals – 1.625” x 1.625” Starburst

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Our starburst roll labels are an elegant way to seal your personal or professional correspondence. This compact sticker is just the right size for your logo, initials, or monogram.

Food Packaging – 1.5” x 2.5” Oval

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Give your sticker design a softer touch with our oval roll labels. This shape works well with food packaging, like cellophane bags or disposable coffee cups.

Name Tags – 2.5” x 3.5” Rounded Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

A custom name tag can help you break the ice at meetings and conferences, especially if you add a bit of humor or personality. Our 2.5” x 3.5” sticker size will give you plenty of room to write in your name and a short phrase or statement.

Wine Labels – 3.5” x 4” Rounded Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Designing your own wine labels is a creative way to personalize bottles for weddings, birthday celebrations, and corporate gifts. The 3.5” x 4” size is a popular choice for traditional 750 ml bottles.

Informative Text – 5” x 8” Rectangle

GotPrint Custom Stickers

Need to get across a large amount of information? A 5” x 8” sticker is slightly smaller than a half sheet of paper, so you can print instructions, warnings, and other important communications.

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