5 Ways To Use LinkedIn to Benefit Your Business

In the world of business, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that networking is an integral part of being in any given industry. Though it’s common knowledge that LinkedIn’s main purpose is to help companies find prospective employees, and vice versa, it is also a social platform often used to build brand credibility and recognition. In fact, GotPrint uses LinkedIn on a regular basis. Whether you’re a small business just getting started, or a large, established company, here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to benefit your business! 

1- Use it for Marketing

Marketing and business go hand in hand. Whether it’s through physical print or digital means, both are equally important to develop and grow any business.  One of the best ways to reel in and connect with consumers is through social media. Given the fact that LinkedIn is a more professional outlet, you can market products and services that you know will be useful to those who follow you. In our case, for example, we marketed our pre-made COVID-19 awareness signage to help companies get prints needed to maintain guidelines of the pandemic with ease, and when storefronts began opening back up, we promoted our pre-made open for business signage, so businesses wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of designing their own. 

2 – Use as a Hiring Platform

If there’s anything that LinkedIn is known for just by its name, it’s a platform where people can search and apply for jobs. By posting position openings and applications on LinkedIn, not only will your company’s credibility increase, but you’re much more likely to come across better suited candidates for the role you’re looking to fill. You can even have conversations with applicants via message before scheduling an interview. 

3 – Use for Company-Wide Bonding

Asking employees to make LinkedIn accounts and add their place of employment to their profile can benefit both you and them. While they build their online LinkedIn portfolio, your employees will also show up on your company profile and you’re able to develop a company community directly on the platform.  

4 – Use it to Share Company News & Advice

Publishing any updates on your company, such as new services, products, or even inspirational content and tips for your followers is a great way to utilize LinkedIn. Do you post blogs regularly? Share the link as a status update. You can even directly publish blogs and articles using LinkedIn’s integrated blog feature. 

5 – Use it to Network & Collaborate with Other Businesses

Networking on LinkedIn isn’t just for those looking for job opportunities. As a business owner, you can take advantage of LinkedIn as a source to meet other business owners in a variety of fields. These potential connections can turn into business collaborations to benefit both businesses. Taking collaborations public can also allow your follower base to expand.

There you have it! LinkedIn is an essential tool that can be beneficial for any given company. If you utilize this platform in even just 2 of the 5 ways, you’ll experience positive feedback that can eventually help grow your business.

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