7 Print Industry Predictions & Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2024

With 2023 rapidly coming to a close, we sat down and did some research to see what’s to come in the world of printing in 2024. The upcoming year is gearing up to be a game-changer for how we approach printing, both as printers and as consumers. Some exciting new trends will allow us to see an increase in combining the latest technologies with print, while some trends from past years will continue to make their mark in the new year. It’s beneficial for both printers and print consumers to be aware of trends so that both can incorporate relevant methods into upcoming business decisions and projects. Let’s take a peek into what sort of things will be trending for the print industry in 2024!

Digital Printing  

The go-to for on-demand printing, digital printing arguably is a faster printing method with fewer quantity options and still produces the same high quality of products that an offset printer would. Offering digital printing methods ensures that you can crank out more smaller-scale projects and provide exactly what many consumers are looking for in terms of turnaround time and number of units.

Transparent, Sustainable Efforts

If they haven’t already, print companies will be turning to more sustainable methods in both their production methods and company initiatives. And if they have, they’ll be seeking out even better alternatives to achieve eco-friendly goals. Being in an industry that revolves around paper, it’s important to seek out alternative ways to decrease our environmental footprint. It’s equally important to be transparent about your methods. Are your retail prices higher because recycled papers and materials are more costly for your pocket? Are the inks you use made of vegetable-based solutions? Share that information! Consumers appreciate and even seek out transparency; if you’re straightforward, you’re more likely to get the sale and gain a repeat customer.

An Increase in Custom Packaging/Labeling

Custom packaging can cost an arm and a leg. While printers search for more economic solutions for their clients, labeling has begun to and will continue to serve as the popular alternative to full custom packaging. With a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes that are offered, Roll Labels can be customized to effectively display your branding and create cohesive packaging for all your products.

Apparel Printing 

Apparel printing has become wildly popular for both printers and consumers. Company uniforms, local sports team apparel, creative, profitable merch by graphic designers, and even something as simple as making a custom gift for a loved one.

More and more, we’re seeing companies pop up with solutions for custom apparel that don’t require production in bulk. Not to toot our own horn, but our’s happens to be one of them! Order Custom T-Shirts, Hoodies & Crewnecks, Polos, Hats, & more on GotPrint.com with no minimum quantities. Print full-color designs directly on the fabric with a direct-to-garment printing method, or choose the embroidery method with up to 4 thread colors.

AI has Entered the Chat

Using AI platforms such as ChatGPT for assistance in areas of design, content, etc. There are still flaws when it comes to AI, which requires modification, proofreading, and editing by an actual person, but nonetheless, it’s a helpful tool to increase productivity in the workplace. With AI, you can also lessen typos on assets and templates by simply grabbing message ideas from the chat, or putting your own template messaging into the system to see what the AI will generate or fix for you.  

Special Effects & Finishing

Who doesn’t love a fancy-looking print? Special effects in printing give final products a unique edge that a competing print may not have. To add to that point, not all printers offer the same type of special finishes for prints. As a printer, offering any kind of specialty effect for print products will be another factor that consumers may choose you over your competitor. As a consumer, it’s important to do your research about what kinds of special finishes are out there and which ones you’d be interested in adding to your prints. Not to mention, it’s not necessarily expensive to add these elevated details to your order. Specifically on GotPrint.com, we offer Raised UV and Raised Foil specialty finishes that you can add to the following products: Business Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards,  Bookmarks, Folded Business Cards, Rack Cards, Collectors Cards, and Club Flyers.

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Note: You must choose 16 pt. Premium Matte paper stock to order prints with specialty finish options.

Exploring New Substrate Materials

When the average Joe thinks of paper, they don’t think much past its capabilities and necessity in daily life. As printers, we tend to romanticize paper – and for good reason! Paper choice plays an integral part in what specific prints convey, and as providers of this highly regarded medium, it’s beneficial to explore different material options that will allow both printer and consumer to stand out. One of our most popular and unique paper options is our triple-layered Trifecta®, which has multiple core color options and velvety or canvas finishes. These stocks give off a luxurious look and feel and can adapt to both professional and personal print projects. Business Cards, Postcard Invitations, and much more.

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In short, some trends will continue on strong from previous years, while some trend predictions are fresh and new, but there’s one thing that we can be certain about, which is that we’re excited to see all of these trends unfold in the upcoming year. Which print industry trend are you getting behind in 2024?

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