All the 2024 Colors of the Year to Inspire Your Next Print Design

Anything that involves design is heavily influenced by color. In fact, there’s a complex color psychology that proves colors even affect human moods and behaviors. When it comes to determining which colors to use, for any given project, there are many different funnels of approach. After all, inspiration can spark from anywhere at any time. With all the 2024 colors of the year finally out, let’s take a look at some of the colors that are expected to trend in interior design, graphic design, fashion, and even advertisements.

Though most of these colors are actually based on paint colors, they are bound to show up across everything from walls to digital designs. We’ve provided all the hex codes and CMYK percentages so that you can use any of these phenomenal colors for all of your design projects, from new business cards and updated brochure designs, to website revamps.

The Blue Hues

For 2024, it seems like the reigning majority for the year’s color trend is blue and all its various shades. Across many different paint companies, their crowned colors of the year range from cool-toned blues, warm blues, and even bright blues to inspire every type of design project. Blue shades, even the most vibrant of blues, are known to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Inspired by Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, “Blue Nova”

Color hex code: #5B6D92
C 22%   M 15%   Y 0%   K 43%

This cool-toned blue-gray shade is reminiscent of a Nordic blue. Its inviting, nature-inspired tone reminds us of a night sky and evokes the longing for adventure. In any design, this color would be ideal both as an accent color and as a center stage color.

Inspired by C2’s Color of the Year, “Thermal”

Color hex code: #B5D5E6
C 19%   M 7%   Y 0%   K 10%

The name thermal may imply cold, but this color has a welcoming vibe to it that we think will perform well when used as a background color.

Inspired by Krylon’s Color of the Year, “Bluebird”

Color hex code: #08A8E4
C 86%   M 24%   Y 0%   K 11%

Bold, beautiful, and is sure to grab attention. This color will serve as the perfect accent color.

Inspired by Valspar’s Color of the Year, “Renew Blue”

Color hex code: #99B6B3
C 11%   M 0%   Y 1%   K 29%

A mid-tone blue-green hybrid color that reminds us of a subdued variation of a sea foam green.

Inspired by Dunn-Edwards’ Color of the Year, “Skipping Stones”

Color hex code: #70959E
C 18%   M 4%   Y 0%   K 38%

If teal and gray had a baby, this color would be it. Like blue nova, this color is versatile, in that it can either be an accent color or a main color for any type of design project. We think we’ll see this color most during the Spring season.

Inspired by Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year “Upward”

Color hex code: #BFC9D0
C 7%   M 3%   Y 0%   K 18%

A neutral-toned airy gray-blue that has enough character to elevate any design. Instead of a cool gray background color, consider this shade. Thank us later.

Moody, Dark Neutrals

Classic and modern dark tones will also be making their way into 2024. The trend of dark, moody colors is set to envelop interior design and fashion landscapes. Though it may be a bold choice for living room walls, darker colors evoke a sense of mystery and sophistication that will translate well on common marketing prints like business cards and postcards. Their rising popularity can be attributed to a collective desire to depart from previous minimalist trends. As we navigate through an increasingly digital world, these types of colors have a grounding presence that will allow us to dive into serene, intimate aesthetic designs.

Inspired by Dutch Boy’s Color of the Year, “Ironside”

Color hex code: #605E55
C 0%   M 1%   Y 4%   K 62%

Earthy tones like this cool brown have been all the rage lately and will continue to show up in 2024.

Inspired by Behr’s Color of the Year, “Cracked Pepper”

Color hex code: #4C4D4F
C 1%   M 1%   Y 0%   K 69%

A charcoal gray with some warmth and depth. Need we say more?

Warm, Light Neutrals

Shying away from the plain “beige” era, 2024 will dive into the warmer side of beige shades that still offer some neutrality. These types of shades offer much more personality and will pair well with other color schemes, such as earth-tone palettes.

Inspired by Glidden’s Color of the Year, “Limitless”

Color hex code: #F0DDB8
C 0%   M 7%   Y 22%   K 6%

This beautiful shade will pair well with both cool and warm-toned colors. If you were considering a neutral color like a cool-toned gray to balance out a design, try this warm neutral shade instead. Its creamy yellow undertone is brighter and is much more inviting than a gray.

Inspired by the Ultimate 2024 Color of the Year, “Peach Fuzz”

Color hex code: #FFBE98
C 0%   M 25%   Y 40%   K 0%

And last, but not least, the mother of all colors of the year is a pastel warm peachy beige. Looking at this color gives off feelings of nostalgia for a different time. In retrospect, this warm, inviting color will be a popular accent color to include in design concepts across fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

With the new year right around the corner, we hope these colors will light up the creative spark that you’ve been searching for, or even inspire you to take the leap and work towards the company re-branding goal you’ve been thinking about. Or, at the very least, we hope these colors have encouraged design concepts for all your upcoming digital or print marketing campaigns.