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Well-branded, customized stationery is an essential tool for your marketing strategy, and one that is often forgotten or ignored. You can make a great first impression when your company logo and information are on your stationery, and when they aren’t, it speaks volumes. Chances are, you’re already sending out mail on a daily basis to not only customers, but potential customers. With customized stationery, you can capitalize on all the extra space on your correspondence, and guarantee that you will be remembered. letterhead brand recognition and stationery

Branded stationery not only helps attract the attention of customers when they are opening the mail, but sends the message that your company is established and professional. A plain, unbranded letterhead and envelope will draw suspicion as to whether the mail is truly authentic, and may decrease the likelihood of a response from the customer.

Customized stationery should include your logo, contact details, and perhaps a simple, attractive design. It’s also a good idea to add your company tagline to reinforce your company identity. Although letterhead is commonly kept very simple, that shouldn’t mean your design has to be boring. Aside from contact details and a logo, provide a colorful graphic in the design. Just make certain there is enough room in the middle of your letterhead for the content of your message. If you decide you would like to design the graphic in the middle of your letterhead, use light colors so that your message will be visible.

In addition, the layout does not have to necessarily conform to the usual, standard format. Mix it up—provide the logo at the header, contact details at the footer, or position the contact details and logo on either side, with a graphic at the header. With the right choice of color, layout and typeface, you can make your letterhead stand out.

Don’t forget to include as much contact information as is necessary for the customer to contact your company. It’s always important to provide the company name, website, location, email address, telephone number, and fax. This way, your customers won’t have to waste any valuable time searching for your contact details.

GotPrint envelopes for brand recognition and stationery

Lastly, match your letterhead with your envelopes, as they are sent together in the mail. In fact, the goal is to ensure consistency and cohesiveness amongst all of your business collateral. If a customer requests a catalog, it’s very important to include a letterhead and perhaps even a business card with your catalog and branded envelope, so that the different pieces correspond. Matching promotional materials helps in terms of brand recognition, and gives the impression that your company has taken the time to design and put together a thought-out marketing package.

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