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The launch of special shapes has been a huge hit with our customers, particularly those desiring more creative flexibility with their printed material. In fact, we have to admit that the special shapes have led to many unique and impressive designs, some of which, I couldn’t help but share with you in this blog post. A few of those hard-to-miss examples are the designs of Valerie Strecker and Cindy Strecker of Flying Fish Art, LLC, who show us how they were able to take advantage of the different shapes to make their products both unique and versatile.

Valerie and Cindy reinforce the theme of their design with the shape – circular cards representing water bubbles of the sea. In addition, their cards double as business cards and merchandise tags, which makes it easy for them to order one product and offer two promotional pieces. For the tags, they simply punched holes and tied string to attach to their products.

round business cards hang tags with string, printed by GotPrint

Circular cards designed as business cards and merchandise tags
Valerie Strecker and Cindy Strecker of Flying Fish Art, LLC

Valerie explained to me that they use the same mascot her great-grandfather made iconic when he set up shop in Barbados in the 1930’s: a top-hatted, flying fish, which are displayed on their circular-shaped cards:

Water bubbles of the Caribbean Sea and the signature monocle were the inspiration for producing their round business card and merchandise tags. The sepia wash and the art deco style is a reminder of the 30’s era and grandpa, while the bright, vibrant colors show the fun, artistic side of the grandchildren. They designed The Flying Fish font with the fluid feel of water, while the serifs resemble fish fins.

square business cards with round corners, printed by GotPrint

Rounded square/diamond-shaped business cards
Valerie Strecker and Cindy Strecker of Flying Fish Art, LLC

As for the rounded-square cards? Valerie and Cindy put a little twist on this shape (literally) and create these beautiful, diamond-shaped cards that perfectly accentuate their V-shaped logo:

Inspired by the historic architecture of its locale, the Vintage Church logo and business card take in the rich New Orleans flavor of the French Quarter with its iconic iron work dating back to the 1800’s. Featured in the “V” is the fleur de lis, which has become a symbol of hope in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The diamond-cut card echos the contour of the “V” and ribboned banners. The worn, earthy green background further lends to the vintage feel and authenticity of the environment and atmosphere it’s representing.

Thank you Valerie and Cindy for showing us two great examples of how color choice and shape, design, and font can all work together to create a powerful product. The designs are just beautiful, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll think of next! Do you have a design you would like featured on our blog? Email me –

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