Building Your Brand

A brand is a lot more than just a business with a logo. Your tone, the style and appearance of your brand, the tagline or motto that defines your brand, and the key characteristics of your business identity, are all important elements of a brand. Thus, it’s crucial for all these elements to sync and work together to build a cohesive image.

It’s easy to get lost in choice when you’re building a brand. After all, you may not have one distinct style or taste. But a distinct style is crucial for ensuring customers identify you. Moreover, it builds credibility and trust. A well-defined brand also allows your team to fully comprehend the nature of the business, so that everyone is on the same page. When customers are looking for a solution for their needs, they will most likely steer toward the brand that clearly conveys what solutions it offers. Time is of the essence, and clear and concise are always winners in this game.

First, think of what your business is about, and start with the style. A picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure that your brand’s appearance helps potential customers understand the nature and characteristics of your business, as well as helps convey the type of service customers may get. If your brand doesn’t have a fresh look, your customers may question the service you provide as well.

Thus, it’s important to stick to one style. If you like a more simple, modern look, define the colors and style, and try not to deviate too much from it. It’s always important to make sure that the style matches your business identity and goal. If your business is one that caters to creatives, make sure the look of your business is also aesthetic and unique, and would appeal to the industry you are catering to. Don’t forget your marketing message, either. As important as images are, your marketing image should clearly convey what your business is all about, with important keywords that define your business.

Branding requires a great deal of “build”. Whether it be word of mouth, print and online marketing, social media, having a physical presence, or preferably, all of the above, it takes a lot of work to establish a strong brand, and certainly, this requires time. It’s important to look at the nature of your business and works well for you. Using the right strategy at the right time, and measuring your success will define how quickly your brand builds momentum and success.

Nareh S.

With over 10 years of experience in content marketing and writing, Nareh enjoys creating content for blogs, websites, advertisements - just about anything you can think of. A self-proclaimed wordsmith, Nareh enjoys compelling, witty taglines and phrases. When not writing, Nareh enjoys traveling and eating a ridiculous amount of avocados.

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