Summertime – Time for Bookmark Marketing!

Summertime is a season where we see more and more bookmark orders. They’re a great promotional item, as many people tend to not only use bookmarks for their reading, but keep them too, ensuring your contact info and marketing message is always visible. Take a look at these great bookmarks provided by our customer, Elizabeth Best.

GotPrint Bookmarks

Based in Scotland, Elizabeth currently works as a self-employed artist making custom plush toys, though what she really would love is to make writing a full-time vocation.

With the help of these bookmarks, she gets the word out about her book, The Naiad Chronicles – Vision, the first in a light-humored, high-fantasy quartet aimed at the teens / crossover market, written and published by Elizabeth herself.

The bookmarks feature the two main characters, Paolini (the grey chappie) and Ivy, who are both elves. Themes of the book include a respect and understanding of nature and the elves ability to adapt the world around them through song – this was then reflected in the tree-chairs the two have created for themselves.

GotPrint Bookmarks

The original artworks were painted in watercolor to promote the book’s release, and they just happened to fit so nicely on the bookmark template that, for Elizabeth, it seemed sensible to use them.

The bookmarks will – one day – be available at book fairs and relevant fantasy festivals along with other prints and the books themselves. But for now, the book will be released on Amazon on the 20th of August 2015.

More of Elizabeth’s work – plush, watercolor, digital or anything else – can be found on her devaintArt page so do check her out!

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