Celebrating Small Business

This week is National Small Business Week (June 17-21), a time for small businesses to stand out in a big way.

We love small businesses for a variety of reasons: aside from the significant impact small businesses make to our economy, they’re crucial for our local communities, they are personable, and who doesn’t love a small mom and pop shop that remembers your face every time you walk through the door?

Many of our own customers are small business owners themselves. We’ve seen some of their struggles and accomplishments through the years, and it’s rewarding to be a small part of the equation when it comes to their marketing and printing.

To celebrate the week, we’re going to discuss business advice and tips on our social media sites, some of which will be from our very own customers. Yes, that means those of you who have a small business and have learned a thing or two along the way! And don’t forget to check out the SBA’s (Small Business Administration) website for information on upcoming events for NSBW, as well as resources for small businesses. One exciting speaker, we should mention, is Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter!

First up:

What business advice would you give to someone starting a new business for the first time?

Here are some of your best responses:

Let go of control, only do the part of the business you’re great at and rely on others to fill in the gaps. Read, network, and share.”
– Brad Iroff

 “Do everything everyone is NOT doing…Separate yourself from the competition. Look at those in the same field as you, and ask yourself – how do I make my mark and change the way?”

– Lenny Johnson

Plan to ALWAYS spend 20% of your operating budget on marketing …as your profits rise…continue spending 20% of those profits. YOU MUST ADVERTISE.”

– Deanna Brown Piros

“Expect and accept failure as part of the process.”

– Joe Hernandez

“Make sure your business name is unique, but has generic Google-able words.”

– Michael Miller

If you have a tip of your own to offer, please comment below. Happy Small Business Week to all of you small businesses out there!

Nareh S.

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