Network Your Way to Success

We often get riled up at the thought of our new business cards shipped right at our doorstep. We think that doubling our network and making leads is just a step away. After all, the possibilities are endless, right?

But often times,we forget all the work that comes in between.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to get you from the point of business cards in your hand to actual leads and sales (which is where we want to be!).

Be Open to Opportunities

Be open to opportunities to meet people and expand your network, and take the initiative to start the conversation yourself, instead of waiting to be greeted.

Moreover, make sure to take your business cards with you wherever you go, especially to networking events, seminars, conferences and business meetings. Who knows – maybe you’ll even find the need to hand out your business card while making a stop at the dry cleaners. And you don’t necessarily need to carry a fancy business card holder, either. Just carry five cards in your wallet, to ensure you don’t forget them at home.

Etiquette is Key

There’s a certain etiquette involved with networking and exchanging business cards. We want to avoid blindly handing out our cards to everyone we meet. On the other hand, we don’t either want to be stingy with our cards and hold onto them for dear life.
Also, it’s a nice gesture to ask the recipient for their card as well. Make sure to take the time to talk to the person so you actually make an impression on them. Small talk shouldn’t be avoided, but you should also ask the important questions and get to know them. This ensures they’ll call you!

Avoid the Business Card Dungeon

I’m sure many of you have done this – collected many a business card, all to have it go in the business card dungeon – that box on your office desk full of business cards with names you can’t connect with an actual person. All that hard work gone to waste!

To avoid this, make sure you write a note about the actual person on the back of your cards so that you can refresh your memory when you find yourself forgetful.

Contact Them!

A day or two later, be sure to contact those you networked with. Leave them a note letting them know it was nice to meet them and you look forward to staying in touch and working together. This solidifies the connection (after all, they may have forgotten you!).

Most importantly, be proactive with your new contacts. Whether you send them an email with more information about your services or a follow-up with a quote estimate, implement your ideas and discussions into action, and you’ll be well on your way to growing your network and leads.