Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year where you’re probably scrambling around to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Every year, everyone always expects to give and receive much of the same type of stuff they do every year. It’s time to break that cycle and catch them off guard with gifts they’d never expect to receive.

Finding a gift can be challenging, it needs to be personable, thoughtful, and unique. If you’re on a crunch to check off your holiday list, but want to find a gift that will make your loved ones feel like you care about them, then quit searching and consider creating a personalized gift instead!

We’ve compiled a list of personalized gifts that are out-of-the-box and make an unforgettable impression! These last-minute gift ideas won’t seem last minute with how thoughtful and personable they are.

Here’s how to be the most creative gift-giver this holiday season with these unusual ideas you may have overlooked. Whether it’s for a Secret Santa, gift exchange, or stocking stuffer, these custom gifts will never be forgotten.

Custom Mugs


Custom mugs are a gift fit for anyone. You don’t have to be a coffee drinker to appreciate a good mug, it has multiple uses and benefits.

The best part about custom mugs is that you can choose any artwork or photo to go on the front and pick their favorite color to go on the inside and on the handle. If you know someone who is interested in something odd, something you can’t find in just any ol’ store, you can easily take their interest and turn it into a mug.

Ideas for a custom mug:

A quote from their favorite author, movie, or public figure.

  • Perfect For: Kids, Roommates, Siblings, Cousins, Friends, Teachers, Students, Classmates, Spouses, Teens

A portrait of someone they admire.

  • Perfect For: Kids, Parents, Siblings, Friends, Spouses

A photograph of a fond memory.

  • Perfect For: Grandparents, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Spouses

An inspirational saying.

  • Perfect For: Students, Recent Grads, Parents, Relatives, Coworkers, Bosses, Babysitters or any Hired Help, Secret Santa, Spouses

The company logo.

  • Coworkers, Employees, Bosses, Clients, Customers, Partners

A work of art, or if it’s for an artist you can print their own work of art on the mug.

  • Artist friends and students, Relatives, Kids, Grandparents, Parents, Secret Santa

You can take the absurdity of your mug to the next level by ordering them a heat activating mug. That means the design you choose to print onto the mug will appear anytime a hot beverage is poured into the coffee cup!

Custom Mouse Pad


Before you decide that a mouse pad is too weird of a gift to give, consider jazzing it up with a fun, personal design. Once you add a personal touch, any item automatically becomes not only a useful tool, but a collectible as well! High-quality mouse pads made from neoprene guarantee vivid imagery with no fade.

You can make it entirely DIY by crafting an enticing photo collage. This idea is great for those who are graduating soon or friends that are moving, because a photo collage is the best way to help someone reminiscence on special memories.

Ideas for a custom mouse pad:

Photographs (one or a collage).

  • Perfect For: Grandparents, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Children, Spouses


  • Perfect For: Art Students, Friends with Artistic Hobbies, Kids, Parents, Relatives

The company logo.

  • Perfect For: Coworkers, Employees, Bosses, Clients, Customers, Partners

Custom Puzzle


Surprise someone special with their very own custom puzzle. Choose a photograph of them, or of something you know they love, and have it made into a puzzle that they have to piece together, making them relive a fond memory in a creative way. This gift is appropriate for a wide range of ages, whether it’s for kids, teens, or adults, the customization part makes it easy to impress just about anyone.

It’s also a great gift to give to a family as a whole because it’s something they can work on together as a fun activity. Puzzles give the gift of bonding. If a photograph speaks louder than words, imagine how powerful a photo puzzle can be when given as a gift.

Ideas for a custom puzzle:

Photographs of family, friends, babies, pets, or landscapes.

  • Perfect For: Grandparents, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Children, Spouses

A Friend or Family’s Work of Art.

  • Perfect For: Grandparents, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Children, Teachers, Students

Custom Stickers


If you’re looking for something that will amplify your gifts, or add that perfect finishing touch, then you should consider custom stickers. You can personalize stickers to the liking of whoever you’re giving a gift to, or you can order a roll of stickers that are fun and inspiring to throw into all the gifts you’re giving for a finishing touch that is memorable and branding. They also are an essential stocking stuffer item for your kids.

Ideas for a custom sticker:

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings.

  • Perfect For: Students, Recent Grads, Relatives, Coworkers, Teens, Classmates, Bosses, Siblings


  • Perfect For: Students, Recent Grads, Relatives, Siblings, Art Enthusiasts


  • Perfect For: Coworkers, Employees, Bosses, Clients, Customers, Partners

Holiday Themed Designs.

  • Perfect For: Grandparents, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Children, Teachers, Students, Coworkers, Employees

Photo Plaques


Framed photos are essential items that everyone should have, yet most people don’t bother spending the time in ordering them. This is a chance to blow away someone close to you by gifting them with a timeless photo plaque.

Photo plaques are more sleek than the basic printed and framed photograph. They give a true representation of color in any image so the image you choose is noticeable and vivid. They’re perfect for anyone you know who works at a desk or needs more nostalgic decor around their house, since they look great on table tops.

Ideas for custom photo plaques:

Photographs of: significant other, couples, families, babies, pets, friends, teams, partners, portraits, grandparents with grandchildren, family vacations, landscapes, professional photography

  • Perfect For: the whole family, any important individual in your life, parents, grandparents, photographers

What are other bizarre, custom gifts you’d add to the list?

Happy Holidays!

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