Our Top 5 Tips for a Winning Customer Service!

Great customer service is a crucial component of a successful business, in terms of customer retention and gaining new leads. Here, at GotPrint, we gain a great deal of new customers through word of mouth and referrals, after all, we all want to tell our friends and family members about our great experiences, and who else are we to believe if not them?

That’s one reason why providing great service to your customers is important. But though we may all think we are presenting the best image of ourselves, it’s important to re-assess the service you provide and what you are presenting to your customers, as well as how you can improve.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a cycle, repeating the same strategies, forgetting to look at the bigger picture with a fresh pair of eyes. So take the time to review your business and make changes to your strategy to get into sync with what your customers expect from you.

  1. Get in the know.
    Ask the front line of your business what they hear most often, and what their suggestions are. Your customer service representatives are the individuals who deal with your customers the most, as they hear their complaints, positive feedback, and it’s the best way to really hear what customers have to say.

    Another strategy is to provide customer surveys to your clients. We have surveys at the end of our order process, and we’ve actually received some great feedback, some of which we have incorporated into our website and product offerings!

  2. Don’t just sit on it.
    Make any necessary changes and improvements. We’ve received hundreds of feedback and suggestions, and though we cannot incorporate them all into our business, we certainly keep our ears and eyes open, and take action when necessary. Our customers help us understand what they want, and in turn, we can deliver something that will be successful. It’s important to instruct your team to be able to take constructive feedback, instead of immediately jumping into defense position. If there really is a problem that needs to get fixed, often times, your customers will be the first to notice. Thank them for their feedback and evaluate it later on with your team. The sooner you act on it and incorporate their feedback (if necessary), the easier it is to prevent a situation from getting worse.

  3. Be knowledgeable and clear.
    We’ve all been there – had a question or two, a problem of some sort, or simply just really lost in a sea of ambiguity and need a guiding human hand to walk us through the process. A customer service representative should be able to simplify it for the customer. This means, your customer service reps should be very knowledgeable about the product and all the solutions for any concerns that may come up.
    Often, we have our own way of thinking, and we don’t put ourselves in our customers shoes. Will they understand the technical or industry lingo we are using? Do they have enough knowledge to understand the concepts we are explaining? If not, you’ll have to put it in non-industry terms, as not everyone is familiar with it.

    Moreover, it’s important for your customer service agents to address all questions and concerns instead of just shooting a quick answer to your customers’ questions. Providing an incomplete answer may lead to more confusion later on (and this means, disgruntled customers!).

  4. Sympathy and patience goes a long way.
    It’s important to help your customer understand that you do care about any issues and concerns they are having. Often times, you can diffuse an angry customer by allowing them to address all of their concerns, and letting them know their feedback will be taken into account. Rather than firing off short, succinct answers to their questions, put them at ease by repeating their questions and concerns, and letting them know you understand their situation.

  5. Be accessible.
    Make it easy for your customers to reach you, and make information available across all your channels, whether on your website, social media, or at your storefront. Customers aren’t just looking for a product anymore, they are looking to purchase from companies that can offer crucial information, personalized service, all across various channels. So even if you only have a few channels by which your customers can reach you, make sure your team is on point and responsive. If you offer email support, respond to your emails, unless the displayed email contact is just a way to collect general feedback from customers. If so, be sure to inform your customers of the fact. The key here is to be clear and not leave your customers hanging.
We hope these tips can help you with your business, but we’d also love to hear from you. What is your best customer service advice, and how does it work for your business?

Nareh S.

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