Paper, The Way We See It

Paper can be such a simple thing, but then again, at GotPrint, paper is kind of a big deal. It’s why we have such a wide selection of different paper stocks for our customers to choose from. From glossy to dull, recycled (we try to be eco-friendly when we can!) to uncoated, we love it all, and we hope you do too.

In fact, paper is so important to us, we go through great length to provide specific names and descriptions for each, to ensure you understand the differences between our stocks. To start, we’ll go over our various paper stock options for business cards and postcards, which are two of our most popular products!

14 pt. Gloss Coated Cover with UV Coating
The Gloss Coated Cover is a long-lasting, heavy, and thick card stock with Gloss UV Coating on the surface for exquisite shine and vibrant colors that come to life—it’s no wonder it’s our most popular stock! This stock has high color saturation for exquisite contrast and range. Our rich Gloss UV Coating has the highest quality and provides protection against stains and damage. Just keep in mind that you cannot write or print on products with Gloss UV Coating.

A favorite amongst: businesses, working professionals, postcard mailers for sales and announcements

14 pt. Premium Uncoated Cover
One of our premium stocks: this thick, uncoated card stock is writable and offers a slightly textured, natural, and understated appearance.

A favorite amongst: artists, individuals for personal invitations and cards

16 pt. Dull Cover with Matte Finish
One of our most impressive stocks, the 16 pt. is tough (you can add Gloss UV Coating for extra thickness, durability, and shine). The writable surface has Matte Finish for a slight sheen. This stock offers an overall subdued appearance with softer colors than our glossy stocks. Ideal for a classic, vintage look.

A favorite amongst: businesses, working professionals, artists, creatives

24 pt. Trifecta Green – Triple-Layered Ultimate
Our thickest stock yet, Trifecta is a triple-layered stock with green edges. This card stock is a high-quality, “Smart White” paper with a silky finish. It’s simply the perfect paper for when you want to get noticed.

A favorite amongst: individuals who wish to stand out, ideal for business cards, and postcards as invitations and announcements

Recycled 100 lb. Dull Cover with Matte Finish
Our recycled stock is just as impeccable as our non-recycled stocks. Silky and matte, this writable card stock has a slight sheen on the surface, and is elegant and refined. Colors appear soft and slightly muted, giving the 100 lb. Dull Cover a classic, vintage effect.

A favorite amongst: businesses, working professionals, artists and creative professionals.

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