What’s Behind the Business Card?

A business card is always a starting point. It isn’t the entire story itself – it’s simply an introduction, an impression, an image, left to be explored further. With that in mind, we always like to tell a story behind our customers’ business cards, whether it be what they do, their lives, their work, and what brings them to GotPrint. This week, we were curious to hear more behind Jen Richards’ and Tina’s (aka x ANGELUS NEX’) cards.GotPrint Artist Business Cards


Aside from getting a formal education in Art History and Art Theory, I am actually self-taught in digital illustration and concept art! (Which basically means I never stop learning or creating!) Getting a career in environment concept art and illustration is my ultimate goal.

The three illustrations featured on my cards are a part of a series of explorations of a world in a current personal project of mine, something I dream of expanding into an art book later on in the future.

About these cards: I created them as self-promos (to give away) for a fantasy illustrator’s convention, SFAL, or Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. This was my first-ever convention to visit, and my first big step into the art world.

The back of the cards (with my logo and online “nickname” – x ANGELUS NEX) was also designed with that world in mind, along with an idea to create an iconic symbol that broadly covers the type of art I create. (Detail-heavy illustrations and concepts are not the only things I paint; I also enjoy doing abstract painting and drawing in my free time.)

Even though the journey to become an artist is long, but it’s a very rewarding one. I know I have a long way to go yet; but, you can never travel the path you never took – the first step is the most important – everything else will fall into place as you keep on going.

GotPrint Business Cards

Jen Richards: 

I’m a wildlife artist from Devon, UK that is currently based in the southeast US. My whole life I’ve used art to channel my fascination with nature, and my work as an environmental educator allows me to continue learning about and sharing animals with the world through my pieces. I have a particular focus on marine species and love to portray those that don’t get a whole lot of press, like the more unusual sharks. 

I’m primarily a painter but also do illustration and design work – I’ve created logos for non-profit organisations and events as well as designed apparel for fellow ocean nerds. This July I tasked myself with drawing or painting a different shark or ray species for every single day of the month, totaling 31 unique pieces of art in total. All of this art was auctioned off in support of one of my favourite causes: Shark Advocates International, a project of The Ocean Foundation. Celebrating animals through my art is what I really love to do!

Nareh S.

With over 10 years of experience in content marketing and writing, Nareh enjoys creating content for blogs, websites, advertisements - just about anything you can think of. A self-proclaimed wordsmith, Nareh enjoys compelling, witty taglines and phrases. When not writing, Nareh enjoys traveling and eating a ridiculous amount of avocados.

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