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Our fourth most visited post on our blog is one featuring photographer’s cards, which tells us a lot about what our customers are interested in and looking for. Recently, we’ve seen a great deal of photographer’s business cards and postcards pop up on our social media pages. Our social media world is buzzing about print and photography it seems!

If you’re active on our social media sites, you may have noticed we love great photographs and great prints. There are many elements that come into play though: the idea and creative image, the actual design, the quality of the print and photo, and the final production of the work. Whether you’re printing full-size posters or small postcards, all of the above are crucial – especially for photographers who make a living off the visual experience.

That’s why it’s always a pleasure to see so many creatives and professional photographers referring to us for their print needs: we know that the visual has to be high in quality, with a clear reproduction of color and image, all on great paper, without being pricey.

So in the spirit of the wedding season, let’s turn all eyes on Lisa from Lisa Hammond Photography, who specializes in wedding, engagement and boudoir photography in Lexington, Kentucky.

GotPrint postcards featuring wedding photography

One may think her images and photographs speak for themselves, that they don’t even need to be promoted. But in a heavily competitive market, being proactive is key. So to ensure a steady stream of work, she uses word of mouth advertising, SEO, and appearances at bridal shows, where she has at least one hand out at her booth and several in the swag bag.

Lisa’s style is very realistic and classic. In her own words:
“I love sharing the sweetest day of my clients lives with them. One of the things I really love is building a relationship with my clients of trust and friendship, so that when their wedding day arrives it feels like I’m just part of the bridal party. I bring a very relaxed vibe to the day, and can help diffuse any possible tense situations, usually with a joke or wine…whichever is handier. My photos are very realistic, I strive to make them look like how your eyes saw your day so your memories can be preserved in a very tangible way.”

She adds:
I use Got Print postcards for handouts at Bridal Shows, and as rack cards in local businesses. They are fantastic quality, and very timely!

Speaking of fantastic, take a look at this great photograph shot by Ivan Gonzalez in the Valley of Fire, Nevada. Ivan, who focuses on photography, design and art, is known for capturing dreamlike images that are full of light. His portfolio is broad: from people to places to capturing objects through his own perspective, Ivan certainly has an interest in all things visual.

GotPrint photographer business cards on a table

To stand out and promote his photographs, he kept his business cards simple – minimal contact details on one side, with a clear focus on the other side, which features his vibrant and compelling photograph.

Although a business card is, at its essence, meant for the purpose of exchanging contact information, it’s also a great way to show a little sample of your best work in full color and quality (we can help you with that). Think of it as a pocket portfolio: you want them to see what you can produce every time they see your name.

GotPrint portrait photography brochures and cards

Charlene Potts is a lifestyle and portrait photographer who enjoys taking photos of pets and their owners. We mean, really enjoys it. A lover of all things dogs, Charlene’s passion really shows through her work. With an attention to detail, Charlene will typically take around 30 unique shots of her subject, until she gets the perfect shots.

But although she has a keen eye for capturing critters at their finest moments, she still has to get busy marketing her services for current and new customers. Aside from her website and social media accounts, Charlene uses business cards, brochures and other promotional materials for branding and marketing her business and talent. And when she’s not busy ordering or snapping away, she’s actively recommending our printing service to everyone she knows (thanks Charlene!)

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